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G. Edward Griffin’s

2009 AUGUST 22 – AUGUST 28

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US: $1000 fine per day for refusing vaccination! That and much more is in a bill recently passed by the Massachusetts Senate. Are all the voters there brain dead? Natural News 2009 Aug 28 (Cached)

US: Federal government will pay $100 to each person who attends Swine Flu indoctrination meeting and accepts vaccination. WND 2009 Aug 27 (Cached)

US: Number of banks on FDIC’s problem list rises by more than 33% during second quarter of this year. Government, however, continues to proclaim that a recovery is underway.
2009 Aug 27 (Cached)

US: Banks take another loss of $3.7 billion in 2nd quarter. Raw Story 2009 Aug 27 (Cached)

US: 1000 smaller banks expected to fail in the next 2 years. Largest banks would fail, too, except that they are partners with government and are bailed out with taxpayers money. CNBC 2009 Aug 27 (Cached)

Japanese, Koreans gain most from “cash for clunkers.” Reuters 2009 Aug 26 (Cached)

US: Government will spend $16 million to convince citizens to take Swine Fly vaccination. Those who are aware of the collusion between Big Pharma and corrupt politicians will not be swayed.
2009 Aug 26 (Cached)

Obama’s Science Czar. John Holdren, who once favored reduction of the population through forced abortions and sterilization chemicals in the water supply, now is urging mass vaccinations. Hmmm! zombietime Posted 2009 Aug 26 (Cached)

US: Real unemployment rate now at 16%.
2009 Aug 26 (Cached)

Japan: Toyota expects to cut output capacity by over 30%. Long sales slump anticipated.
CNN Money
2009 August 26. (Cached)

US: Former Investigator, Pennsylvania Office of the Inspector General, says Teen Screen is a dragnet sponsored by Big Pharma to label perfectly normal children as having psychological disorders and, thus, turn them into customers for psychotropic drugs. CCHR 2009 Aug 26 (Cached)

UN recommends mandatory sex education, teaching 5 year olds about masturbation and nine-year olds acceptance of homosexuality and abortion. Under collectivism, parents have no control over the teaching of their children. Fox 2009 Aug 26 (Cached)

9/11 first responders are dying of cancer – 85% suffering from lung diseases caused by toxic dust from debris. Government officials told them is was safe. 911 Blogger 2009 Aug 25

UK: Half of doctors refuse Swine Flu shots because of concerns over safety – but they will be required to offer them to patients. Online Mail 2009 Aug 25 (Cached)

US: Congress approves bonuses for their aides in the form of subsidies for student loans. Those earning up to $168,000 annually are eligible. Bonuses in private industry are evil; bonuses for personal staff are virtuous. Washington Times 2009 Aug 25 (Cached)

ABC refuses TV ad opposing socialized medicine plan. It previously ran a pro-Obamacare infomercial for free. Public-opinion engineering at its finest. Cypress Times 2009 Aug 25 (Cached)

US: Most red ink ever: $9 trillion over next decade, more than the sum of all previous deficits since America’s founding. Obama expresses satisfaction with developments and re-appoints Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve.
Raw Story
2009 August 25. (Cached)

“Flu could infect half of USA” is the screaming headline in USA Today. [Our prediction: Normal flu will kill more people than Swine Flu; vaccines will kill or cripple more people than they will help; and Big Pharma will profit greatly at taxpayers’ expense.] USA Today 2009 Aug 25 (Cached)

US: Court rules that Federal Reserve must disclose to Congress the names of those who received taxpayers’ bailout money. Reuters 2009 Aug 24 (Cached)

“Don’t inject me. Don’t infect me.” Rap music may not be your style, but this piece tells it like it is.
Health Ranger 2009 Aug 23

New Zealand: Woman sent to psychiatric ward for believing 9/11 was an inside job.
Posted 2009 Aug 22 (Cached)

US: Marine veteran blasts Congressman Baird in Washington state town-hall meeting. The crowd is totally in agreement. Well worth watching this one. YouTube 2009 Aug 22

How to collect on a losing ticket at the race track. This is a technique of neural-linguistic programming used by government and media in every collectivist society. Speak with authority, induce a simultaneous shock, and people will believe a lie. Further explanation here.
Posted 2009 Aug 22

A Black Hole called The Federal Reserve. This short video is outstanding – and it’s not because my voice (from one of my speeches) is used as narration. I have never met the producer, and this was a total surprise. YouTube Posted 2009 Aug 22

More astonishing 3D murals painted on the sides of buildings by a trompe l’oeil (trick the eye) artist. Astonishing to realize that these are just flat walls. Mail Online Posted 2009 Aug 26 (Cached)