Lurid Butt Bomb Threat Used to Expand Airport Full Body Scans

The non-radioactive electromagnetic wave scanners produce strikingly graphic images of passengers’ bodies. Those images reveal not only private body parts, but also intimate medical details like colostomy bags.

From: Infowars

Kurt Nimmo
October 6, 2009

The Times Online reports today that travelers in Europe may face intrusive airport security measures in response to an absurd stunt by Abdullah Hassan al-Asiri who blew himself up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in August with a bomb allegedly inserted in his rectum. The terrorist, supposedly a member of al-Qaeda, was attempting to assassinate Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, the Saudi anti-terrorism chief, when he blew himself into some 70 odd pieces, according to the Times.

It is said al-Qaeda has promised to put instructions on assembling and concealing such a device on the internet. In yet another al-Qaeda video, released in early September, al-Asiri, who was one of Saudi Arabia’s most wanted suspects, shows off the metal cylinder and larger detonator which he carried to meet the Saudi minister.

Now governments in Europe and so-called terrorism experts in the U.S. are warning that terrorists may attempt to use a rectum bomb to bring down commercial airliners.

“Such a blast, though limited in force, could be catastrophic in a pressurized airliner, say experts. Counter-measures would be draconian. As well as taking offshoes and handing in liquids,passengerscould be subjected to X-ray screening or be required to hand in all electronic devices becausethey could be used as detonators, police commanders told Le Figaro newspaper,” Charles Bremner and Marie Tourres write for the British news website.

The Daily Mail reports that French anti-terror chiefs are expected to propose new measures in response to the ludicrous “keister bomb” threat, such as full body X-rays or handing in all electronic devices, thus making airports even more restrictive and intrusive Gestapo zones.

As it turns out, Hassan al-Asiri probably did not shove a bomb up his butt. When the bomb went off there was a flash of light, suggesting that the bomb was not hidden inside the assassin’s body, according to CNN. Doctors consulted by the Saudi government judged that the toxicity of the plastic explosives would make them hard to hold for many hours inside the rectum, and the environment in this area of the body would make detonation “difficult,” according to the Saudi official close to the investigation.

CNN’s report was buried by a landslide of lurid headlines about the new body cavity threat by the perennially elusive al-CIA-duh — and for good reason: not unlike the Richard Reid shoe bomb “threat,” al-Asiri’s failed assassination attempt will be used as an excuse to expand the police state control grid in Europe, Britain, and eventually the United States.

As noted above, the French have exploited the bogus threat as an excuse to expand use of body scans at airports. It will likely be used as well to push for the expanded use of the machines in the United States.

In 2008, the Transportation Security Administration installed virtual strip search body scanning machines in 10 airports around the country. “It’s the wave of the future,” James Schear, the TSA security director at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, told USA Today. Schear said the scanners could eventually replace metal detectors at the nation’s 2,000 airport checkpoints and the pat-downs done on passengers who need extra screening. “We’re just scratching the surface of what we can do with whole-body imaging,” Schear said.

The non-radioactive electromagnetic wave scanners produce strikingly graphic images of passengers’ bodies. Those images reveal not only private body parts, but also intimate medical details like colostomy bags. That degree of examination amounts to a significant – and for some people humiliating – assault on the essential dignity of passengers that citizens in a free nation should not have to tolerate, according to the ACLU.

Unfortunately, we no longer live in a “free nation,” as readers of Infowars understand all too well. Airport Gestapo zones where everybody is considered a terrorist until proven otherwise will eventually be expanded to the streets, malls, and public buildings of America. The purpose is not to ferret out al-Qaeda terrorists or even “rightwing extremists,” but rather get the populace acclimated to living in a police state where complete submission and cavity searches will be required.

Lurid reports about an al-Qaeda patsy blowing himself up with a bomb inserted in his rectum — never mind he probably did not put the device where the sun does not shine, as the Saudis insist — are designed to scare the populace and get them accustomed to the government and militarized police and officials demanding they reveal the most intimate and heretofore private parts of their bodies.

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