Fox News Hypes H1N1 Nasal Vaccine: Don’t believe the “Conspiracy Theories.” Trust us (Rupert Murdoch’s disinfo specialists). “We have ALL THE FACTS for you” as the great bastion and depository of ALL TRUTH. Entrust your family to our information only. Don’t research elsewhere to make sure we are telling the truth that vaccines are safe and necessary. Put your family’s lives entirely in our hands that poisoned Republicans against Ron Paul.

“Don’t believe the negative hype on these vaccines.
The vaccine conspiracy theories about killed Great Britain at one point.*
We have all the facts for you….”

— Shepard Smith

* We aren’t “Great Britain at one point.” We have refrigeration, vitamin D…. It would be interesting to get the full story on what really happened in Great Britain in that era from a non-Fox-spin specialist.


Shepard Smith tells Fox News viewers not to believe the “Conspiracy Theories” regarding the Swine Flu Vaccine.

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