Lou Dobbs says he’s leaving CNN – AFTER – Shot Fired Into Home of Lou Dobbs — “We’re engaged in a battle for the soul of this country”

From Lou Dobbs earlier statement (YouTube video, below):

“If anybody thinks that we’re not engaged in a battle for the soul of this country right now, you’re sorely mistaken. And the more you stay on the sidelines and the more you don’t make your voice heard, the more likely it is that we’re going to lose this battle for the soul of the nation.”

My wife and I have been shot at, our driver, my house has been shot and hit. An investigation continues. I’ve had bodyguards now, you know, I’m not in the mood to put up with little fools like Geraldo Rivera.”

It’s time that we really awaken to what is happening in this country. It is ugly, it has to stop, and we have to find the courage to elect congressmen and senators, and yes, Presidents who will speak truth. Not pander and not play politically correct games.”

We need to get real about what is happening in this country, and understand that if this battle for the soul of the country is lost, so much is lost that follows. Respect for our laws, respect for our borders, our ports, our national sovereignty.”

“Why are we not enforcing laws. Why do we not demand respect for our sovereignty? Why do we not demand honest, open, straightforward debate?”

Watch (Read) Lou Dobbs Departure Announcement

at CNN

But he said this about 2 weeks earlier:

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qjbgk1TKLWY]Shot Fired Into Home of Lou Dobbs of CNN!

Pro-Illegal alien Amnesty supporting groups have been spreading lies about Lou Dobbs of CNN, trying to get him fired to censor his free speech, and foment hatred towards him because he stands against illegal immigration and Amnesty. Now, those lies and hatred have manifested in gunfire into the home of Lou Dobbs near his Hispanic wife!

The Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti Defamation League, the National Council of La Raza, Media Matters, and Geraldo Rivera of Fox News are using false information to foment hatred towards Lou Dobbs or any American who speaks out against Amnesty or illegal immigration.

They could not get CNN to fire Lou Dobbs, so now their buddies in the drug and illegal alien importing gangs are likely stepping up.

Lou Dobbs is an American hero who is speaking out on behalf of all Americans who oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals.

We as a nation need to unify and rebuke the radical groups and activists that have put Lou Dobbs and his Hispanic wife’s lives in danger by spreading lies and hate against an honest man who cares deeply about his nation.


Advocacy groups claim victory after Dobbs leaves

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