Kevin Trudeau’s interesting 1st Ammendment fight

When Kevin was a secret society member, the powers that be left him alone. But now that he’s an unintimidated-by-them truth advocate, they’re trying to silence him, big time, threatening to take away his 1st Ammendment rights.

Big Pharma, especially hates him for using the word ‘cure’ in his natural remedies books. Ooooooh — bad, bad, bad — can’t use the word ‘cure’ — shame, shame, shame! Only they can say ‘cure;’ even though, their false claims and doctored studies are becoming well known, despite the media’s almost total complicity.

This case should be interesting. Kevin probably has the best legal team money can buy, but Big Pharma has unlimited funds too. What he’s being accused of isn’t directly a Big Pharma issue, but there is no doubt that they want his hide, badly!!! How dare anyone stand up to Big Pharma! Who does Kevin think he is, an American citizen?

Remember, doctors live almost a decade less long than the average person. Compare with how good Kevin looks at age 47! Millions and millions are sick or dead because of Big Pharma’s suppression of natural cures and their push for unnatural cures: cutting, radiation and drugs.

Kevin’s radio show is outstanding! I highly recommend listening! Listen online and podcast available here:

The Kevin Trudeau Show

Kevin Trudeau is taking his no holds barred crusade to expose the truth to the radio. The Kevin Trudeau Show is 3 hours of honest, thought-provoking radio, designed to expose everything “they” don’t want you to know about.

[youtube=]Kevin Trudeau Appeals Court Decision

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Update from Kevin!
February 19, 2010 by KT

On Thursday, February 17th, Judge Gettleman sentenced me to 30 days in jail. I was granted a chance to fight this sentencing by presenting the case to the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. My lawyers have requested that I not comment until the legal proceedings are final. However, I will be live on the radio on Tuesday, February 23rd and a new recorded show will broadcast on Wednesday.

Here is what the press has said about my case. Please note that these articles may contain inaccurate and/or incomplete factual information.

Click here to watch ABC 7 Chicago’s coverage.

Click here to read The Chicago Tribune’s coverage.

Click here to read the Chicago Sun-Time’s coverage.

Click here to read NBC 5’s coverage.

Click here to read USA Today’s coverage.

Click here to read the report from Reuters.

Click here to read the Associated Press’ report.

You may also read the transcripts of the court proceedings by clicking here, read the judge’s written order by clicking here and read my appeal by clicking here.

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