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Terry Reed: Clinton, Bush Sr., Oliver North and CIA Drug Running

[youtube=]Alex Jones Interviews Terry Reed About Drug Trafficking

In this clip from Police State 2: The Takeover, Alex Jones interviews Terry Reed about CIA drug trafficking, his experience at Mena, Arkansas, Clinton and Bush’s complicity in drug trafficking, and how the war on drugs serves as a guise for a war on the Bill of Rights. You can buy all three Police State videos at and

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Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA (Hardcover)

If you like Tom Clancy, here’s the real deal. A former Air Force intelligence officer turned manufacturing engineer, pilot, and independent business man is recruited by the CIA (Oliver North) to assist in the training of Contra pilots in Mena, Arkansas. His name is Terry Reed, and does he have an incredible story to tell! This American patriot reveals everything after the CIA tried to screw him after Iran-contra. Plenty of very interesting information about Clinton, Bush, the Arkansas elite, covert CIA operations, CIA super-agent Barry Seal, money laundering, international narcotics trafficking, and CIA influence in the US political system.

[youtube=]Jeff Davis Talks with Ex-CIA Agent Terry Reed – 1997


Invisible Empire – Sneak Peek #2 – The Dumbed-Down Public


Benjamin Franklin told us: we’ve given you a republic, if you can keep it. We haven’t kept it. – Hoppy Heidelberg, Grand Juror for OKC Bombing

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    i am michael pacut and i am a 1979 Marine eyewitness to North and cia contra drug trafficking at camp pendelton CA. I had blown the whistle on base in 79 and since then i have had over 25 attempts on my life in CA,NY and MA….all made to look like natural, suicide or accidental death causes. I currently live in leeds MA VA soldier on housing in 2022. in 2003 i saw ollie north in woodstock ny right after i reported on my public tv show that i witness marine drug trafficking and watched a young marine officer O. North cover it up. Then two weeks later O.North or his cia boys used silencer to shoot 3 rounds at my head on duvall road, Woodstock NY 12498. on 5 June 2007 at 3pm a 5…6 inch wmale 140lb RICOCHET>>>>Patrick J Garrisson of woodstock used lethal cover up force to attempt to kill me just outside the side door of a Woodstock NY Art Gallery where heroin and El Salvadoreans trafficked. His sharp instrument attempt failed and Anti Democratic Party Corrupt Woodstock, Saugerties NY cop J Mullen cover up the assassination attempt on Michael Pacut by locking up the newsman Pacut instead of RICOCHET assoiciated with Bill Clinton, see the 8 Aug 2008 Woodstock Times front page for Clinton and Ricochet photo. Ricochet is associated to Woodstock NY cocaine the cia and the mafia that corrupts the Woodstock NY police so that they cover up and protect O. Norths drug operation from CA to Woodstock NY to be sold to concert going young americans who push for peace but unknowingly support illegal wars by buying covert North Drugs from at least 1996 to Now. NYS Troooper David Brinkerhoff was assassinated by a fellow dirty cop in 2007 because i had given him details of 1979 to 2007 O.North drug ops in California and presently in heroin, cocaine,crack and marijuania infested woodstock NY. Ricochet has a cia covert cover as a hippie and is knee deep in drug sales allowed by local corrupt police on the take and on covert payroll. Just the facts investigative newsman Michael Pacut BORN ON US AIR BASE IN CHEYENNE WYOMING IN 1958.

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