Phoenix Lights Documentary: In March 1997 a gigantic unidentified flying object flew slowly over the entire city of Phoenix. Approximately 10,000 people witnessed the incident…

[youtube=]Phoenix Lights Documentary Part 1 of 9

In March 1997 an unidentified flying object flew over the entire city of Phoenix. Approx 10.000 people witnessed the incident making it the biggest mass sighting to date. None the less, the US government refused to recognize the incident calling it flares. -a moronic statement with no hold in reality. Watch the film and be your own judge of what is going on.

I wonder…How many incidents like this will it take for the people of the world to wake up and demand answers from their governments? -The truth is out there!

[youtube=]Phoenix Lights Documentary Part 2 of 9

[youtube=]Phoenix Lights Documentary Part 3 of 9

Parts 4,5,7,8 & 9 were “removed by the user.”
But you get the idea.

[youtube=]Phoenix Lights Documentary Part 6 of 9


Having intentionally lied to the public about the Phoenix Lights, saying the mystery had been solved, Arizona governor says what he really thinks: “…it was probably some form of an alien spacecraft”

Phoenix Lights: Military Craft Theory Debunked

The Phoenix Lights Documentary Trailer

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