Phoenix Lights: Military Craft Theory Debunked

[youtube=]Military Craft Theory Debunked

ThePhoenixLights — January 25, 2010 — Many skeptics believe the Phoenix Lights event that occurred on March 13th 1997 was a top-secret blimp or military craft. Steve Lantz, co-Producer of the Phoenix Lights Documentary and a licensed private pilot, debunks this theory.

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Having intentionally lied to the public about the Phoenix Lights, saying the mystery had been solved, Arizona governor says what he really thinks: “…it was probably some form of an alien spacecraft”

The Phoenix Lights Documentary Trailer

Phoenix Lights Documentary: In March 1997 a gigantic unidentified flying object flew slowly over the entire city of Phoenix. Approximately 10,000 people witnessed the incident…

Phoenix Lights: Military Craft Theory Debunked

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