Blackmail: How The Controlling Elite Owns Politicians — Almost every one of them has some dark secret that they can be blackmailed over if they fail to follow the Washington consensus.

Blackmail: How The Controlling Elite Owns Politicians

Lindsey Graham homosexual controversy underscores why government is broken

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Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, April 26, 2010

Homosexual rumors surrounding Senator Lindsey Graham underscore the core reason why the vast majority of Congress members habitually support legislation that is anathema to the interests of the people they are supposed to represent, because politicians rarely achieve positions of influence without being beholden to one form of blackmail or another.

ALIPAC’s William Gheen provoked national headlines last week during a speech in front of thousands of Tea Party supporters when he publicly requested that Graham come out of the closet and admit that he is gay.

“William Gheen called on Senator Lindsey Graham to be honest with American voters about his homosexual lifestyle to assure that Graham’s desire to keep it a secret could no longer be potentially used by political insiders to manipulate Graham’s behavior,” reports Before It’s News. “There are many precedents in American politics where affairs, corruption, addictions, and other situations that politicians wanted concealed were used to manipulate them with unfair advantage.”

“When you have a U.S. Senator from such a conservative state like South Carolina working hand in hand with Obama and New York liberals like Senator Chuck Schumer to pass an Amnesty bill for illegal aliens, there is something very wrong,” said Gheen. “After today’s national broadcasts, the American public will know what the DC insiders know and that was my goal.”


Gheen’s speech has since gone viral on You Tube and prompted a national debate about Graham’s sexuality and if it is being used to blackmail him into pushing the big government agenda.

The open secret that Graham is an alleged homosexual explains why he constantly supports legislation and policies that are almost universally abhorred by his South Carolina constituency – carbon taxes and the phony global warming agenda, pro-amnesty immigration reform, as well as his hostility towards the Tea Party movement.

Graham has been labeled a “Democrat in drag,” a “traitor” and a “disgrace” by conservatives for his policies and was confronted on his global warming advocacy during a town hall meeting in October last year.


This strikes at the very root of why government is broken – politicians may pay lip service to the will of the people to get elected but once in office they click their heels and march to the tune of the controlling elite. That’s because almost every one of them has some dark secret that they can be blackmailed over if they fail to follow the Washington consensus.

This is precisely what we’ve witnessed with President Obama. Despite his promises of hope and a change from the direction of the Bush administration, Obama has followed the same agenda with aggressive uniformity – beefing the war in Afghanistan while expanding it into Pakistan, renewing the Patriot Act, extending warrantless wiretaps, and growing the size of the federal government to unthinkable levels while preparing massive tax hikes.

Obama’s dubious origins, not only the “birther” controversy but the admitted fact that his real name is Barry Soetoro, have been manipulated by the controlling elite to perfection. While never blown wide open, the scandal is kept suitably bubbling under the surface as a threat that if Obama ever does try to be a real leader, his legacy will be completely destroyed.

A more sinister aspect of the same process of blackmail being exercised against Obama is the fact that he is constantly reminded that he is a target for assassination. This was in the news again today with the story of a man who was arrested carrying a gun at a North Carolina airport as President Obama was leaving on board Air Force One.

As we reported earlier this year, throughout the presidential campaign, the public was constantly told that Obama was an assassination target and that his safety was always in jeopardy, a claim that was given credibility after numerous odd secret service security lapses at public events where Obama really was put in danger, whether intentionally or otherwise.

The “gatecrashers” story also served to increase awareness about Obama being vulnerable to attack by people who can seamlessly slip through security and get face to face with the President relatively easily.

It is clear that the neo-cons are holding Obama hostage and issuing a thinly veiled threat by repeating the mantra that the only way to save his political career and his presidency is to attack Iran. There is undoubtedly a mountain of dirt being held back regarding Obama’s past that is being used to blackmail the President into following the new world order agenda – the same as with any President before him.

Becoming President of the United States and indeed being elected top any prominent political office isn’t an opportunity to change things for the better, it’s a deal that politicians make to follow the agenda or if they don’t, to have every intricacy of their private lives exposed to the attack dog media.

Being outed as a homosexual, an adulterer, or having any other personal secret exposed for the endless titillation of the press is the lightest possible punishment a politician can face for stepping out of line. If they don’t have sufficient dirt on them that can be brought out to discredit their name, then all together more unpleasant methods are used.

Blackmail is the primary reason why those in Washington consistently ignore their electorate and push for policies that enjoy little or no support from the majority of Americans.

This is why Congress has an approval rating of a paltry 10 per cent. Nine in ten Americans think Congress is doing a terrible job. This disconnect between politicians and the people isn’t merely due to inherent corruption, it’s primarily because Congress members are completely compromised before they even take office. In most cases, politicians are destroyed by the media before they can even get elected if they don’t have dirt on them that can later be used for blackmail.

Indeed, this is why the cult of personality behind Obama was allowed to be built up to sweep him into office. This is why Wall Street poured billions of dollars into Obama’s campaign fund – because they knew he was compromised, could be easily blackmailed, and would therefore dutifully acquiesce to the orders of the banking elite that he obediently serves.


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