Graham Withdraws Support For Dem Legislation A Week After Blackmail Charge

Coincidence? Graham Withdraws Support For Dem Legislation A Week After Blackmail Charge

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coincidence? Graham Withdraws Support For Dem Legislation A Week  After Blackmail Charge  280410top

Lindsey Graham has withdrawn his support for both the Democrat’s pro-amnesty immigration bill and cap and trade legislation just a week after ALIPAC Chairman Gheen gave a speech in which he demanded that Graham come clean on the fact that he is being blackmailed over his homosexuality.

Graham has staunchly pushed Democratic legislation that is completely at odds with the wishes of his South Carolina constituency, including cap and trade and immigration reform, while also displaying open hostility towards the Tea Party movement at several public events.

“When you have a U.S. Senator from such a conservative state like South Carolina working hand in hand with Obama and New York liberals like Senator Chuck Schumer to pass an Amnesty bill for illegal aliens, there is something very wrong,” Gheen told a Tea Party crowd last week. “After today’s national broadcasts, the American public will know what the DC insiders know and that was my goal.”

Gheen’s speech went viral on You Tube and prompted a national debate about how many Congress members, given the fact that they have a record low approval rating of around 10 per cent, are being blackmailed into supporting policies which the vast majority of Americans oppose.

Little over a week after Gheen’s speech, Senator Graham has now vehemently withdrawn his support for both cap and trade legislation, which he was pushing with Democrats Joe Lieberman and John Kerry, as well as an immigration reform bill that would legalize the millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S.

“Sen. Lindsey Graham, the sole Republican working on a bill to legalize illegal immigrants, in effect put the bill on the shelf on Tuesday, saying that a debate now would destroy any prospects for passage and that the issue needs to wait until 2012,” reports the Washington Times.

“The remarks likely signal the end of any serious chance for broad immigration legislation to pass this year, since Mr. Graham, South Carolina Republican, was the best hope for a partnership with President Obama and Democrats who want to write a bill,” states the article.

Likewise, Graham’s sudden decision to walk away from the climate bill caused Kerry and Lieberman to postpone a planned unveiling of the legislation on Monday.

“Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), who is crafting the bill with Graham and Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), announced what he called a temporary postponement and said he remained committed to action this year on a sweeping climate and energy measure,” reports the Hill.

Graham’s public reason for abandoning both bills is his apparent displeasure at the fact that Democrats wanted to ram through the amnesty program first, at the cost of putting cap and trade on the back burner.

However, given the massive attention garnered by Gheen’s charge that Graham was being blackmailed into supporting unpopular legislation so as to keep his homosexuality under wraps, this is a far likelier explanation for Graham’s reversal. Now that Graham’s alleged homosexuality is an open secret, any potential damage to the Senator’s political career by having the rumor confirmed would be much lighter than it would have been before Gheen made the speech.

With Graham unable to be voted out of office until 2014, he has four years for the controversy to subside and the story to disappear. It appears as if Gheen has done Graham a favor by getting the secret out now. If Graham persists with his sudden change of heart and continues to hold back support for policies that are anathema to the desires of his South Carolina electorate, then Gheen’s speech has had a positive impact.

Watch Gheen discuss the issue on The Alex Jones Show below.


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