Gerald Celente: Crash of 2010 inevitable — “Greece is merely the canary in the economic mineshaft”

NOTE: I post these predictions to put in our mental, data base ‘seed boxes,’ to see if the ideas presented actually do sprout and take root. Not all of these predictions come true, especially in the given time frame. But some do.

I post predictions that even disagree with each other, somewhat.

It’s hard to predict the future because there are so many wild cards, especially when the people find out what’s going on and get engaged, especially in prayer! Events often take longer to happen than it would seem.

If this prediction doesn’t take place as specified, we can still learn much by listening to the different factors involved. And for me (I don’t have his gift of metaphor), the way Gerald puts things verbally is just so interesting anyway.

Jeff Fenske

[youtube=]Gerald Celente: Crash of 2010 inevitable

The Dow Jones industrial market is down and looks to continue to head that direction. This is not good news for the worlds economies that are trying to bounce back after this recession hit many different nations. Is this a direct reflection of the Greece financial crisis?

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