John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

John Wooden wasn’t satisfied with Webster’s definition of success.
He felt like young people deserved a healthier definition,
and then laid out for them the ingredients of success
in this chart.

Success is peace of mind which is
a direct result of self-satisfaction
in knowing you made the effort to
become the best that you are
capable of becoming.”

(exact wording of his website’s version)

A giant, printable version is available at
Coach Wooden’s Site


John tweaked his Pyramid of Success over the years.
It’s interesting to hear him discuss the significance
that changing even just one word makes.

This is an earlier version,
which still has:
“Faith (through prayer)”


This version also has “FAITH (through prayer);”
though, it’s slightly different in other areas.

I couldn’t find a more legible photo of this version.

God bless!


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