Katherine Albrecht: Nakedizing Machines — “Would you get naked for Big Brother?” Katherine won’t.

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Mon., July 12, 2010

Hour 2 ( Download the MP3 )

Alex Deane // Big Brother // Nakedizing Machines //

★Alex Deane of Big Brother Watch and Katherine discuss privacy and health issues and problems with the use of full body scanners, i.e. nakedizing machines.  Britain is a super surveillance society.  The kids have to be fingerprinted for lunch and think that the ubiquitous cameras are a part of life.  The local government conducts covert surveillance in addition to using listening devices triggered by key words or sounds. They discuss Nick Clegg’s speech in the UK and hope it is a trend for the good.  Remember Katherine’s challenge to donate $20 per week.  Big Brother Watch is a good cause.

Alex Deane

Big Brother Watch

Duty to Address Body Scanner Fears

Katherine’s May 21, 2010 show discussing Nick Clegg’s speech

Full text: Clegg reform speech


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