Murdoch’s mouthpiece: It’s not what Glenn Beck exposes, it’s the issues he deflects and who he discredits that counts

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Not long ago, you might recall Beck defended the Bilderberg Group. You don’t need the Bilderberg Group to explain anything Beck told us. Why would he deflect concern or investigation from the Bilderbergers? Could it be because (and I know this is not a shock to most of us) Rupert Murdoch is a Bilderberger too?

Glenn Beck is the mouthpiece for Rupert Murdoch and it is not likely he is doing anything any different from what he did for CNN – he is following the station’s agenda, and Murdoch’s will.

So, if Murdoch is a Bilderberger, is it a surprise Beck would deflect concern about Bilderberg?


And, this brings us to the final point.

We do not need to address the issues of Bilderberg. They are the big picture Beck refuses to address.

Bilderberg would lead to 9/11 truth, which is also taboo. Attacking the Democratic President is not taboo, as it fits the agenda of false left-right politics.

But there is a way to watch Beck that will help you understand the pattern.

It is not what Beck exposes that is most significant under these “manipulations”. It is who he discredits, and what he tells you to ignore or brush off as crazy.

Recently, he has attacked Russia Today (RT).

We all know that RT has some very insightful programs and interviews, including Max Keiser (Keiser Report), and interviews with Tarpley and Alex Jones on a regular basis. We know they pose a significant threat to bringing out the truth, and exposing Bilderberg.

And expose Bilderberg they do:


Deflect and discredit Glenn, hurry!

Murdoch wouldn’t like that.

Is it a coincidence Beck is attacking RT?

As you watch Beck, and you still think he holds merit of the truth, keep in mind who butters his bread, and who his new master is. Know that he works for Murdoch, a Bilderberger, who admittedly tampers with the news to fulfill an agenda.

In this case, it is the Bilderberg agenda. It is the globalist agenda.

Beck will continue to do his part to further it, whether it is to create division among races, social groups, unions vs. non-unions, and attack anyone that fulfills the mission of his new master. At this stage in the “game”, the Bilderbergers need to create a social divide, create violence and civil unrest, and deflect away the truth. That is the new agenda. Just watch it come to life on the Glenn Beck show.

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