Katherine Albrecht’s secret “pan grease” non-stick recipe for cast iron cookware. Teflon is toxic!

From: The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Radio Show

Mon., July 19, 2010

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Fly Deterrent // Teflon // Cookware // Pan Grease //

Katherine receives email confirmation from Cyrstal and Dave the the plastic bags of water really do repel flies.  Katherine continues on the dangers of Teflon and discusses the only safe cookware to use – stainless steel, enamel, and cast iron.  A host of emailers – Mariah,Susan, Linda, Colby, Morm, Steven, Ted and Melissa – provide information on brands made in America and places to purchase them.  Katherine gives out her secret recipe for her “pan grease” for cast iron cookware.

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Cookware // Vegtable Oil // Neal Kurk // UK Birth Records //

Katherine continues her discussion of cookware with an enlightening call from Mike, a former cookware salesman.  Use care in selecting your cooking oil.  Vegetable oil is really soybean oil and as little as 3 servings of week can reduce sperm count by 50%.  Thanks for the email from Dave.  NH State Representative.Neal Kurk discusses the problems with the budget driven move to electronic records, particularly for property and health care.  The health care bill has many surprises tucked in including calculating body mass index for everyone.  Nullification may be an option for many states.  UK birth, marriage and death records are now searchable on-line.


Neal Kurk

Neal Kurk Anti-Real ID Speech

Search UK birth, marriage and death records

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