Life in Anchorage: Brown bear sow, 3 cubs prompt Rover’s Run warning

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City officials are again urging the public to avoid the Rover’s Run trail in Far North Bicentennial Park because of a brown bear sow with three 2-year-old cubs that have been seen travelling it several times in the past week.

A surveillance photo of the trail shot last Wednesday — and posted on a municipal website, — shows the four bears walking single-file down the winding trail. City officials say there is “a high probability of encountering a brown bear on this trail” and are urging people to “avoid using Rover’s Run under any circumstances.”

WARNING BEAR ALERT: July 21 2010 – Warning, a brown bear sow with three, two year old cubs has been repeatedly seen on Rover’s Run trail, there is a high probability of encountering a brown bear on this trail. It is recommended that all trail users seek alternate routes and to avoid using Rover’s Run trail. Trail Users are reminded that they use the trails at their own risk.

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