Angry? Check Your Stomach: Tour de France Example, Andy Schleck: “My STOMACH is full of anger, and I want to take my revenge.” — He later forgave Alberto Contador, but here is the point…

In stage 15 of the world’s most famous bicycle race, Andy Schleck was wearing the yellow jersey (as the overall leader) when he and last year’s winner, Alberto Contador, were trying to outclimb each other on the final mountain climb of the day.

Schleck’s chain came off its sprocket, and Contador zoomed by to retake the lead.

Afterwards Schleck hit out immediately at Contador for not showing “fair play.”

“In the same situation I would not have taken advantage,” said Schleck, who had held the yellow jersey since taking it from Australia’s Cadel Evans on
stage 9.

“I’m not the jury, but for sure those guys wouldn’t get the fair play award from me today.”

Schleck had to hold his anger back as he swapped the yellow jersey for the white jersey for the race’s best-placed rider aged 25 or under.

And he has promised to take his revenge on Contador swiftly.

“I’m really disappointed. My stomach is full of anger, and I want to take my revenge,” he said. (source)

The truth is that there is this gentleman’s agreement in the tour, that leaders will wait for their opponents if they have a mishap, but the concept is vague, especially here, where the way Andy shifted the bike may have even been the main reason for the derailment. And this was in the heat of the battle.

And Andy didn’t wait for Contador in the cobblestone stage in which Alberto lost time because of a broken spoke.

Regardless, Alberto made a video apology later that night. And both were clearly friends during the rest of the tour.

I think Andy realized he overreacted.

My point in posting this is to show that anger is a deep emotion, felt in the heart and even the stomach. Scientific studies show that both the heart and the intestinal walls have brainlike tissue.

So we must also check our hearts — even the bottom of our hearts (including the gut?) — to be free!


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