WTC was Exposed to Temperatures as Hot as the Inner-Earth

“In this excerpt from NBC’s “9/11 – 5 Years Later – Hangar 17,” presenter Brian Williams introduces us to “all of the wreckage that was taken [from] Ground Zero, all of it sacred.” …

Brian Williams’ quotes from:

9/11: Remains of the day
In a hangar at JFK, World Trade Center artifacts are treated as sacred

NEW YORK — We have a special look tonight at all of the wreckage [actually just a tiny portion of the wreckage – ed.] that was taken from ground zero. All of it is sacred and it’s all awaiting a home — a permanent memorial. For now, it’s all being cared for in a hangar at New York’s JFK airport. …

We next enter a room containing a form that’s difficult to describe. In any other museum, it could be passed off as a meteorite. And while this was born of intense heat, this is altogether different. This formation is really four separate stories of the World Trade Center, compressed, compacted, incinerated — exposed to temperatures as hot as the inner earth.

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