HR 5741 – The New Draft: Bringing Back Slavery to America

From: activistpost

The difference between a drafted soldier and a slave doesn’t amount to a frosty mug o’ spit. Congress, apparently longing for the good old days of Viet Nam, Korea, and WWII, is proposing to enslave not just healthy young men, but pretty much all of us.

Most of the crooks and liars who form the political class today aren’t old enough to remember them, but there must be some institutional nostalgia for the days when America fielded vast armies of conscripts in a global struggle against tyranny. Congress must feel like fighting terrorism with a mere handful of volunteers is for military pikers. Iraq isn’t the kind of war that molds politicians into “great men.” And naturally, all politicians view themselves as great men.

What you need for real war, for firebombing cities, human wave attacks, and concentration camps—is to enslave pretty much everyone. You just can’t find enough volunteers for that kind of work.

HR 5741. This law will require all Americans between 18 and 42 to provide the state with 2 years of their lives “in the furtherance of national defense or homeland security.”

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