Study Shows Young American Girls are Reaching Puberty Way Too Early

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TheAlexJonesChannel | August 10, 2010

Is Puberty in Girls Coming Too Soon?
New Study Points to Early Development in Girls; Experts Debate Trend

65 comments By KIM CAROLLO, ABC News Medical Unit
Aug. 9, 2010

Like many 10-year-old girls, Lindsay Kendrick likes to play sports and attend camp during the summer.

A new study suggests that many American girls are reaching puberty years early.And like a growing number of girls her age, Lindsay also hit early puberty very early. Lindsay’s mother, Beth, said her daughter first started menstruating when she was only 9.

“I thought it was going to happen early,” said Beth. “She’s been one of the tallest in her class, even taller than a lot of boys, and she started having early breast development.”

Kendrick took Lindsay to her pediatrician, who told Beth that early puberty is much more common now, and said that Lindsay’s period would probably start sometime in the next year.

“She started about two months after that,” Beth said.

It’s been a challenge for both Lindsay and Beth.

“She doesn’t like talking to any of her friends about it,” Beth said. “I try to keep up with her to make sure I send products with her to school.”

A new study published in the journal Pediatrics may help lay the groundwork for future research that determines why, as past research has shown, more girls may be entering puberty early.

In the study, researchers assessed more than 1,200 6- to 8-year-old girls in three metropolitan areas for breast development and the appearance of pubic hair, both signs of early puberty. The research showed that by using these methods, scientists may be able to determine more accurately what factors could lead to early puberty in girls.…

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