Anchorage on track to be the cloudiest and gloomiest summer in recorded history!

From: Anchorage Daily News

August 13th, 2010

This summer has so far been one of the coldest, gloomiest and wettest on record for Southcentral Alaska, the National Weather Service confirmed Thursday.

Should a drop of rain fall today — and forecasters say it likely will [we had many – ed.] — Anchorage will have tied the record for the most consecutive rainy days. …

According to weather service numbers, the period from June 1 through Aug. 11 this year had an average high temperature of 62 degrees, coming in as the 10th coldest on record. The normal high for the period is 64.3 degrees. …

But while Anchorage may not have set any records for the amount of rain, it is on track to be the cloudiest and gloomiest summer in recorded history. As of Thursday, the weather service documented 26 consecutive days with a trace or more of precipitation in Anchorage — one day shy of the record 27 days recorded in 1951.

And Baines said it was likely there would be at least a trace of rain over Thursday night, enough to tie the record.

The weather service has not tallied a fair, cloud-free day in Anchorage since April.

Anchorage’s coldest summers graphic

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