CFL’s EMF Radiation

I’m posting this, but without explanation, people could get the wrong idea.

The key here is proximity: how close are we to these compact fluorescent bulbs — or any fluorescent bulbs, including the long, tubular, old kind.

Reading them with my tri-field meter for EMF (electro-magnetic field radiation), compact fluorescent bulbs hardly even move the needle until about 18 inches away (different bulbs could vary). Within a foot is where the problem can be severe. It’s important to stay a few feet away.

The problem is that the public is not being warned at all, while at the same time, the government is banning traditional bulbs, which don’t put out EMF. There is definitely a close proximity EMF problem with these CFLs.

The old, CRT monitors were way worse, in which many of us had our faces just inches away from. And we weren’t told about this either. But they knew.

And then there is the mercury issue. If a CFL breaks, vacuuming up the mess can disperse its mercury into the air, which then makes the air toxic.


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