[video] Patrice O’Neal in studio with Alex Jones 9/10/10


Patrice O’Neal: Racial SEPARATION, HATRED helps the NWO! | We need to COME TOGETHER at the bottom of this pyramid | This country is NOT TEACHING HISTORY (where the banks came from, etc.) | WHO’S WORSE? The PEOPLE AT THE TOP… or the AVERAGE CITIZEN who helps these dudes DESTROY OTHER PEOPLE?

Patrice O’Neal Startled by “The Obama Deception”

Uniter, Peacemaker, Realist, Comedian Patrice O’Neal Passes Away — “We need to COME TOGETHER at the bottom of this pyramid, at this feudal system that they’re putting together. …DIABOLICAL PLOT…TO KEEP US SEPARATE, racially. … THE TOP NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED, but the bottom, we’re so entrenched in the hatred, basically, for each other.”

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFtFwzV3Ja4]Remembering 9/11 with Patrice O’Neal {in-Studio} on Alex Jones Tv 1/4

TheAlexJonesChannel | September 10, 2010

Alex talks with stand-up comedian Patrice Oneal in-studio. Oneal has toured across the country performing stand-up comedy. He has had half-hour specials on Showtime, HBO (One Night Stand, Def Comedy Jam), and Comedy Central Presents. Oneal hosted VH1’s Web Junk 20 for two seasons, was a regular on Fox’s short-lived series The Jury, starred in the Comedy Central animated stand-up comedy program Shorties Watching Shorties, voiced in Grand Theft Auto IV, and has made occasional appearances on various Fox News shows like Hannity and Colmes to discuss issues regarding both race and censorship.




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