Study: Non-filtered coffee helps keep hearts ‘young’ — improves elasticity of the arteries, etc.

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Coffee key to long life–study

Contrary to the conventional belief, sipping a cup of hot coffee could work wonders for your heart by regulating heart rhythms, thereby reducing the number of visits to doctor, reveals a new study.

Drinking one to two cups of coffee per day is good for the heart, researchers have found.

In fact, even those with high blood pressure can stay healthier by drinking a cup of coffee daily, the study proposed. …

It was found that drinking a cup of coffee everyday improves elasticity of the arteries, which can ward off heart disease, the Daily Mail reported.

“People who reported four or more cups a day had almost an 18% reduction in the risk of being hospitalized for rhythm disturbances,” says Arthur Klatsky, a senior cardiology [the clinical study and practice of treating the heart.] consultant at Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in California.

Fifty six percent of people who drank between one and two cups of coffee a day had best arterial health, with their blood vessels behaving like those found in younger people. …

Greek coffee is traditionally boiled and not filtered so is higher in compounds that prevent heart disease, Dr Chrysohoou averred.

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