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2010 OCTOBER 16 – 22

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France: Strikes and riots, sponsored by unions in protest to raising the retirement age from 60 to 62, has resulted fuel shortages and limited train service. This was to intimidate the government into compliance with workers’ demands. Riot police forced open a refinery to make fuel available again. More violence is expected as the nation continues to suffer from decades of collectivism.

2010 Oct 22 (Cached)

China: Government officials beat and kick an 8-months pregnant woman in the stomach then force her to abort because she violated the ‘one child’ policy. Daily Mail 2010 Oct 21 (Cached)

US: In spite of the fact that most Americans are strongly opposed to Cap-and-Trade taxes, 32 states are involved in regional alliances to implement those taxes. One region has already raised over $700 million in carbon-credit auctions. [The only way to stop this is to throw out of office every politician who has supported these taxes and replace them with Constitutionalists.] MorphCity 2010 Oct 21 (Cached)

Colgate is accused of attempting to steal a thousand-year old toothpaste formula. It has claimed a patent on an herbal formula that is commonly used in India without patent. This may become a test case against ‘bio-piracy’ wherein Western corporations attempt to patent useful substances commonly used in less-advanced regions of the world.
2010 Oct 21 (Cached)

Animal microchips implanted into pets are linked to increased cancer rates.
Natural News 2010 Oct 20 (Cached)

Joan Veon, financial analyst, patriot, and member of the Freedom Force Hall of Honor passed away on October 18 after a courageous three-year battle with cancer. She was 61 years old. Her obituary is here. Women’s Group 2010 Oct 20 (Cached)

EU leader admits he was not elected by the people or Parliament but was appointed by a “commission” and that it was done in secret. [That is precisely what opponents of the EU had warned against. Now it is too late. The same administrative dictatorship awaits Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans if the North American Union (supported by both Republican and Democrat Parties) is allowed to form.]

Prison Planet
2010 Oct 20 (Cached)

China: In a test program, pensioners are tracked with GPS, allowing their families to keep an eye on them. Children may be added to the test. [Does anyone really think that the government is concerned about families knowing the whereabouts of their grandparents? To us it looks like they are considering tracking everyone from cradle to grave, and this is just the start. We shall see.] Telegraph 2010 Oct 20 (Cached)

US: NASA’s Goddard Institute fabricates Arctic temperatures in order to perpetuate the global-warming myth. So-called rising temperatures of the last decade were based on two assumptions with no data to support them and then giving those assumptions the same weight as real data points. This clearly is fraudulent science in the service of political agendas. Real Science 2010 Oct 19 (Cached)

US: Chicago public schools have banned student home-grown produce from their lunches because they may have had a pesticide sprayed on them and because only commercially-sold compost is allowed, not home-made compost.
Chicago Tribune
2010 Oct 19 (Cached)

EU Commission proposes a Europe-wide Value-Added Tax on financial transactions, carbon emissions, and air transport charges – to start. They also want an energy tax and a corporate income tax. These are to be levied directly on citizens, bypassing their national governments.
RTE News 2010 Oct 19 (Cached)

What in the World Are They Spraying!
Documentary on chemtrails aka Geoengineering
Saturday, Oct. 23, Atlanta, Georgia

Producers G. Edward Griffin, Mike Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger will be present. Limited seating.
Information and reservations here)

US: Airline pilot refuses to go through the airport full-body scanner because he believes no one should be subject to a “virtual strip search.” He also refused a full-body pat down, becasue he doesn’t want federal agents putting their hands on him every time he goes to work. He says he did it to protect the rights and freedom of everyone, and now his job is in jeopardy. Chicago Tribune 2010 Oct 19 (Cached)

California: Analysts say that, by 2013, state pension obligations will be 5 times greater than total state tax revenue – and that’s just the pension fund. It does not include the cost of running the government itself. They call it a perfect storm. [Collectivist governments ultimately crush themselves to death with expenses. No level of taxation can now bring California back to solvency. The future is not pretty.] Prison Planet 2010 Oct 19 (Cached)

US: National Security Administration uses cartoon propaganda to manipulate young children into spying on each other for the government. [We accidentally carried a spoof about this sort of thing 2 weeks ago, but this is the real thing.] Wired 2010 Oct 19 (Cached)

Drug companies have paid 17,000 U.S. doctors to talk to other doctors about their products. Most of this has been done at seminars held at vacation resorts.
[This is not illegal, but the phrase “conflict of interest” comes to mind.] Reuters 2010 Oct 19 (Cached)

EU’s Monetary Affairs Commissioner says the G20 nations must coordinate their monetary policy to “rebalance” the world economy. [That means he wants centralized economic control, which means an end to national sovereignty.] Reuters 2010 Oct 19 (Cached)

US: Top 400 tax-exempt charities lose 11% in donations this year in response to economic downturn. People are giving less, but some are giving to smaller, local charities and donating goods instead of money – a good idea that reduces waste and corruption. Yahoo 2010 Oct 17 (Cached)

UN Secretary-General will address a conference on global governance, as the New World Order grows. The focus will be on problems in the economy, global warming, and organized crime. [All of these will be offered as justification for more control. If the UN is further empowered, it will become the largest organized crime syndicate the world has ever known.] NewsBlaze 2010 Oct 16 (Cached)

Wikipedia administrator is barred by his peers from participating in any article or forum about global warming. He had turned Wikipedia into the world’s largest source of global-warming propaganda, blocking any attempt to include skeptical viewpoints and re-writing biographies of scientists who disagreed to make them look incompetent. [The decision to bar him comes years too late. He should be prosecuted, not barred. Be aware that Wikipedia has similar bias on most topics relating to health and national policy.] National Post Posted 2010 Oct 16 (Cached)

US Attorney General Eric Holder announced he will enforce federal law against marijuana even if California legalizes it. [This is a 10th Amendment issue because the feds rely on local law enforcement to make drug busts. A hidden issue is that, if marijuana is legalized, it would open the door to growing industrial hemp that would compete with many products now controlled by international corporations. They will fight that, of course, in the name of limiting street drugs. There is much more involved than legalization of Pot.] WSJ 2010 Oct 16 (Cached)

US: Congressmen and their staff members routinely engage in insider trading – and it’s legal for them, because they make the rules, while the rest of us would go to prison for the same activity.
Posted 2010 Oct 16 (Cached)

Swan Lake Ballet like you have never seen it. Chinese Circus gives astounding performance. YouTube 2008 Jun 13, posted 2010 Oct 16

US: Author, Tom Woods, delivers an excellent speech at the kickoff event of the  ‘Nullify Now’ tour in Fort Worth. It is well worth the watch, because state nullification of federal laws is America’s best option for restoring the Republic.
Posted 2010 Sep 16


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

UN treaties and UN junk science are being used to de-industrialize America. In the U.S., the EPA has usurped authority, without consent of Congress, to implement a cap-and-trade scheme, and the Department of Energy is consolidating power grids to increase federal control all energy delivery.
MorphCity 2010 Oct 19 (Cached)

Are they altering the human genetic code by means of synthetic chemicals added to the food chain to reduce global population? This researcher explains why he thinks so and that the plan includes re-engineering the human race into two distinct sub-species: intelligent rulers and docile workers. Whether you agree or not, you should be interested in the reasons for his conclusion.
Michael Nield Posted 2010 Oct 16 (Cached)

US: An informative analysis of Bernanke’s latest speech. It’s all about money out of nothing and planned inflation.
Economic Collapse 2010 Oct 16 (Cached)

Here is a case study in media corruption. Attorney Richard Fine reveals how the Los Angeles Times has consistently protected and endorsed county judges who have been found guilty of taking illegal payments. The Times has never reported this fact. Fine has challenged the judges to a public debate. Full Disclosure Network 2010 Oct 15

US relations with Pakistan are precarious because of the rising possibility that Islamic extremists could capture the government, which has full nuclear-weapon capability. [We are publishing this editorial because of the severity of the threat, but we caution our readers that the author feels the solution is to send more money to the Pakistani government and increase our military presence there. We believe that the primary reason we have such dangerous enemies is that we already have sent too much money to too many governments and have such a large military presence around the globe that it is perceived as a threat. Our best course is to stop intervening in the affairs of other nations, bring our troops home, maintain a strong military for defense only, and heal our economy so we once again can become good neighbors and trading partners.] Personal Liberty 2010 Oct 13 (Cached)

US: “The government’s Economic Recovery Program Has Been A Huge Success!” That’s the title of an excellent presentation by Bob Higgs at the Mises Institute. It’s not what you may think and, frankly, you will have no choice but to agree. Well worth watching. YouTube 2010 Oct 12

This inspiring article compares being in the Liberty movement with the character played by Gary Cooper’s in “High Noon”. The parallels to today are powerful. NeitherCorp.us 2010 Oct 6 (Cached)

Tom Woods’ book Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century is analyzed. An audio interview with the author is included.
Pelican Institute
Posted 2010 Oct 2 (Cached)

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