Excellent! Alan Watt: Shock And Awe: The Manipulation Of The Human Psyche — Sports a substitute to keep men distracted from their own enslavement. Women were given ‘high’ fashion at accessible prices. Music is regulated and authorized by the top. The ultimate goal is to demolish the family unit. The role of abortion, TV! The abuser will initially take care of the abused…

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LL4M-HhXLs]Alan Watt: Shock And Awe – The Manipulation Of The Human Psyche 1/4

TheAlexJonesChannel | October 21, 2010

Researcher Alan Watt features in this exclusive interview for Prison Planet.tv members, in which he discusses how the same laws are enacted at the same time across different countries under the structure of global governance. Watt explains in detail how the people of the world are moved around by the elite like a domesticated herd of animals by a series of contrived crises and “revolutions,” be they cultural, political, sexual or musical, so that the controllers can manipulate human behavior to the outcome they require.

Watt reveals how the population are kept in a constant state of panic and terror, so that authority figures who speak with confidence are then more willingly trusted, using psychological “shock and awe” to generate fear and helplessness by bombarding the population with a myriad of different threats that they cannot personally cope with, and so turn to the state for reassurance and leadership.

In this fascinating in-depth exploration of the human psyche, Watt discusses how this helplessness is artificially steam-valved through the use of sports, where men are given a tribal team that they can identify with and cheer on, providing them with some sense of success in their own personal lives when in the real world they’re going nowhere, and sports are merely a substitute to keep them distracted from their own enslavement.

Watt explains how women were given high fashion at accessible prices as a similar form of substitute, and how drugs, sex, free love hyper promiscuity and destructive lifestyles were also encouraged through music as a means of misdirecting the natural rebellious tendencies of youth. The ultimate goal of this process is to demolish the family unit – divide and conquer so that humanity may be more easily ruled and oppressed by the state as vulnerable individuals, with no family tribe to stand up and defend them.




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