Jeff Rense’s TSA Scanners & Groping Violation Links


TSA Scanners & Groping Violation

TSA Agents Hate Fat & Dirty Travelers

Body Scanner-Proof Underwear

DHS Head Chertoff Got $350m Scanner Contract – Vid

The TSA Naked Body Scan Picture Hoax

Passenger Spends Hours – Beats TSA Checks

US Considers Ending Invasive Airport Security Checks

Woman On TSA ‘Pat Downs’ – ‘I Feel Molested’

TSA Boss Admits He Withheld Pat-Down Info

TSA Thugs Harassing Our Returning Troops

TSA Takes Mother’s Child

TSA Screening Soaks Cancer Survivor in Urine

Iris Scan & Fingerprints Substituted For TSA Screening

Celente – Groping & Stripping Americans Of Their Pride – Vid

‘I’d Avoid Them If I Could’ – Hillary Over TSA Screening

Obama Replies To Growing Outrage Over TSA Scans

TSA Pull Pants Off 71 Yr Old Man w/Knee Implant

A Full Body Scan Of American Corruption

Pistole Says No Change in TSA Screening Policy

LA Times – ‘Shut Up And Be Scanned’

Humorous TSA Parody From Saturday Night Live – Vid

GOP Push vs TSA May Bring Blackwater Groping Goons

LA Times – ‘Shut Up And Be Scanned’

TSA Bumper Stickers

How To Love Letting TSA Grope You

Travelers Who Refuse TSA Scans Will Be Fined, Arrested

Pilots Get OK To Skip Scans And Pat Downs

Americans Plan Mass TSA Protest

Orlando Airport Plans To Fire TSA

UNBELIEVABLE – Cancer Survivor Flight Attendant TSA Outrage

Chertoff’s TSA Death Scanners – Vid

TSA – Full-Body Radiation Scanners Safe (endless lies)

The TSA Is Insane And Out Of Control


TSA – Full-Body Radiation Scanners Safe (endless lies)

CA DA Warns TSA Over ‘Bad’ Touching

Exposed – Michael Chertoff And TSA Scanners

TSA Scanners As Likely To Kill You As A Terrorist

Ron Paul – Stop Irradiating US And Fondling Our Children – Vid

‘Stop Touching Me!’ Screams 3 Yr Old Girl At TSA

TSA Rape Scan Images Will Reverb Around World

TSA Asks ‘Patience’ (To Grope And Fry More Citizens)

TSA Checkpoint Cherthoff – A Neo American Nightmare

TSA Expands Into VIPER

The World Laughs At TSA – Vid

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