Earthquake Prediction 2011 Jim Berkland – A Major Earthquake in North America Imminent

[youtube=]Earthquake Prediction 2011 Jim Berkland – A Major Earthquake in North America Imminent

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  1. Amber

    I personally know Jim, and when he talks… I LISTEN! All we can do is be prepared. As Robin Williams says, “We live on God’s Etch-a-Sketch”. Gotta love California.

  2. I thoroughly believe in Jim Berkland’s earthquake observations and predictions. I called him a few days ago and mentioned my dream on February l5, 2011. In my dream, someone else and myself were pointing to an historical California map. We continued to point almost rhythmically to the town of Guadalupe. It was located aa bit east on the map. I continued to state that Guadalupe was not located there. I awoke rather confused. Three days later on KCAL’s noon news, it was reported a 5.1 quake had hit Guadalupe, Baja
    (Old California). I have along history of dreams that have come true usually about friends/relatives. In
    1992, I had a startling dream.In it,a San Francisco Chronicle banner headline read that a major quake (7+)
    had hit a central valley town south of Modesto. This has yet to happen. Also, I am very concerned about all the sardines that washed up in Redondo Beach. I don’t think it is just a coincidence. I believe Jim is onto something very important and we must remain open to it.

  3. Jeff

    I once doubted Mr. Berkland, so much as to question him thoroughly regarding his “science” behind earthquake tracking, as I don’t believe you can predict quakes. However, after following him for over a decade, you HAVE to listen to what he says. He’s the MOST accurate forecaster in the world in my opinion. Again, once skeptical, now I’m a listener. Thanks for the heads up Jm.

  4. Living in CA (Northern Sierra Foothills) and we are due for flooding starting tonight through Sunday (THE 19th). National Weather Service issued the warning a few hours ago. With the facts in play coupled with a daughter living in Oregon, I am more than a little open and will be playing close attention for any of these pre-events in this video.

    1. Iron

      I believe he is wrong. The quake will be a 13.4 and will hit central arizona into nevada down into parts of mexico. It will be the biggest quake ever recorded. It will also set off a series of other faultlines in st. Louis down to memphis 4/17/11.

      1. Ty Thomas

        Sir you are a fucking retard, there has never been and never will be an earthquake past a 10.0 because if there was we would all be dead, dumb fuck. if you even had the slightest bit of a brain you would know such common knowledge. please go back to school before you embarrass yourself more because you just make it seem like your a stupid FUCK

        1. Thomas, when did you go to school & study the richtor scale? And when did you start smoking meth? Sad when people call others what they really feel about themselves down deep. Your life can change if you accept Jesus…RR

  5. Last week, two astrologist predicted the same event starting the week of March 19th. I’m so shocked that Jim predicted the same event. I don’t think there is coincidence, they seems to have the same hypothesis. GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD BLESS THE WORLD!

  6. Duh, no kidding, this is California and with the recent rash of them, haven’t we all been expecting them? I think this is silly. Of course there are going to be more. Why make it seem dire? Of course there are going to be some and to put them between those dates? Okay, seems silly to me, infact, I think if they don’t happen, something is up….really, someone just wanting to seem empressive or something? this is California, we have earthquakes, that’s life, not like Japan, but we have them. The plates are always moving, this isn’t news or a prediction, this is silly….

    1. Heads Up

      I am amazed that anyone can be so flip when we may be facing yet another catastrophe on our planet. You should be ashamed of yourself. Mr. Berkland is unfortunately seldom wrong. I sincerely hope he is this time.

  7. Kelly

    Berkland is an idiot. That guy doesnt know crap about earthquakes. A fish die-off in redondo beach means nothing. That guy should be a meteorologist than a geologist. I am from Oregon and what that crank bait said is nothing new to me.

    Yes Japan may have had that monster 9.0 quake. But that part of the world is used to quakes. Where I live we dont even see an earthquake. The last time I remember having one was a 5.7 back in september of 1993.

    Dont blame full moon events on it either. Its not about that either. Earthquakes are formed when one tectonic plate grinds against one another. What took place in Indonesia was a primary example. Japan was more of a thrust one. You people believe what you want to believe. this pyscho. He is just one of those fox news contributors who wants to cause trouble.

    Also Japan nuked themselves for building nuclear power plants along their northeastern coast. Quakes of an 8 or a 9 rarely happen. You commonly see 5s and 6s and maybe a 7 from time to time in earthquake prone areas like Japan. The dickhead berkland doesnt live on the west coast. So he knows Jack crap about what happens here. Or maybe he does live on the west coast but he knows nothing about geology. I have heard of people that have been geologists longer than he has. So that old prick will find his prediction wrong come March 27th 2011. And then who do you blame for the false prediction? Him. I am sick of fox news spreading false information to the general public. Their news is fake news. And I have had enough on this subject because I will tell you why.

    NO ONE can predict earthquakes. Not even that fool berkland!

    1. Hey Kelly, don’t be a hater, did you see what I wrote? read it, I said Duh, no kidding, California has earthquakes all the time, so, saying there is going to be an earthquake is stupid, but you going off like that, what is your problem, calm down before you have a tremor of your own….

      1. Blair

        Whoa, are you a scientist?? Obviously not… Someone doesn’t have to LIVE in a place to know what happening geologically. The Pacific Ring of Fire is a REAL THING, which you would know if you finished elementary school. That’s not to say an earthquake is “imminent,” recent random natural phenomena is still cause for concern. Millions of fish washing up on the beach doesn’t happen for no reason. So, I’ll stay prepared for disaster (which, as we’ve seen in Japan, can happen anytime without warning).
        And Oregon absolutely DOES have earthquakes… Maybe not serious ones, but it isn’t unheard of. Just because there’s only been one since YOU’VE lived there doesn’t mean that’s the only one in history. Jesus….

    2. sherry

      I am not known for earthquake prediction, because I really have pursued
      this direction. I have correctly predicted several earthquakes before just days before they happened but never have I done so formally.

      So here we go.
      Today is May 10th 2011.
      There are several areas I have noticed in the US, but the one that concerns me most or seem to be the most intense pressure is an area
      under the Gulf of Alaska. Even if you took a peek at AEIC (Alaska Earthquake Information Center) which lists the daily earthquakes it covers Alaska quite well. The problem is that this most intense area
      Im speaking of —is in the Gulf of Alaska. Basically take the straight downward border of Alaska into the sea until you are due east of Ketchikan and basically thats the area that is very suspect.

      So I think that this will catch people off-guard and it could prove disasterous as it creates its own tsunami…waves higher than that of Japan.

      Anyway, if anyone reads this and lives on that coastline, please rush to higher ground.

      Dont know what else to say.


      1. John Brady

        Hi Sherry, I have placed a few notices some say the 21st and some end on the 26th. I took a guess at the aleutian islands as I see it being the next place to be jolted from China. However I am happy a volcano errupted within those few days. And the Aleutian islands had a 5.5 earthquake yesterday the 24th with no damage. I believe something triggers earthquakes, volcanoes & tornadoes. The air pressure in the stratosphere must change if dealing with different mass from earthquakes, also affecting the coriolis affect the air currents in central America tornadoes a couple of weeks ago after the china earthquake. I’m no scientist I believe most of what happens on this planet is due to the movements in our solar system. thanks & good talking to you.

        1. sherry

          Hi John Brady,

          I am posting again, but not so much because of your reply, although I thank you very much for your comments. Today is June 4th, 2011 and it feels like in the last 24 hours there has been a shift to increased pressure. In other words, a new level has been reached. To help you understand the gravity of my concerns, out of a possible 99 levels, (99 being an earthquake actually happening) we are level 98.
          I must confess, I dont know little about astrology or astronomy, but I do believe in the influence of the planets, but I also believe in our collective though process and its influence. So there is a good vs evil or spiritual war going on, even though many are not acutely aware.

          I am in intuit or sensitive, so I am aware of your left front collar bone and it appears you have recently hurt the small toe on your left foot. Well…you get the idea.

          So Ive been paying attention to the Gulf of Alaska and feeling the ongoing pressure. Future is not so easy to predict, but is there some astrology influences around mid-June?

          BTW, its still spotty, but I am seeing an increase of “South of Alaska” and “Gulf of Alaska” quakes closer to a 3. That is
          provided by the AEIC site.

          I feel this wayyyy down here in Texas, John. What state are you in?


      2. John Brady

        Take a look at this and make of it what you will. i published this on the web over a year ago. Not all natural disasters happen with an alignment but MOST DO.


        Event Location Date Death Toll (Estimate)
        1931 China floods China July-November, 1931 1,000,000–4,000,000*[1]
        1887 Yellow River flood China September-October, 1887 900,000–2,000,000
        1556 Shaanxi earthquake Shaanxi Province, China January 23, 1556 830,000
        1970 Bhola cyclone Bangladesh November 13, 1970Full Moon 500,000
        1839 India Cyclone India November 25, 1839 300,000
        1976 Tangshan earthquake Tangshan, Hebei, China July 28, 1976No Moon 242,000 Figure t Shape Earth on the RH Arm Jupiter Top
        1920 Haiyuan earthquake Haiyuan, Ningxia-Gansu, China December 26, 1920 240,000
        2004 Indian Ocean earthquake/tsunami Indian Ocean December 26, 2004Full Moon 229,866 Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter One Side Of The Sun, Possible “Mercury Effect” Supermagnet.

        Volcanic Erruptions
        23,000 Nevado del RuizNovember 13No Moon Colombia November 13, 1985 All Of The Planets one sided t formation Earth at the top Mars, Venus Left, Sun Centre Jupiter RH arm Saturn Uranus Neptune Complete Lower Half of t. Possible Supermagnet Effect.
        5,115 Mount KelutMay 19th Indonesia May 19, 1919 All Of The planets are one sided excluding earth Possible Super Magnet.

        Earth Quakes.
        Death Toll Event Location Date
        830,000 1556 Shaanxi earthquake China 1556
        255,000 1976 Tangshan earthquakeJuly 28thNo Moon China 1976 Small t alignment Jupiter Top, Earth RHS Arm.
        110,000 1948 Ashgabat earthquake9th December Turkmenistan 1948 Possible Supermagnet, Venus, Mercury, Mars And Jupitor together, Earth Left Out On its own.
        86,000 2005 Kashmir earthquake8th OctoberHalf Moon Pakistan 2005 V Formation Lower Solar System. All Planets one sided to the Sun. Possible snooker ball affect.
        69,197 2008 Sichuan earthquakeMay 12thHalf Moon China 2008 V Formation Lower Solar System.
        66,000 Ancash earthquakeMay 31stNo Moon Peru 1970 V Formation Saturn at the peak,
        35,000 1990 Manjil Rudbar earthquakeJune 21stNo Moon Iran 1990 All Of The Planets are in lower Half of The Solar System. The Sun, Venus Mars & Jupiter on the uper half. Possible Supermagnet Causes by combined magnetic influence of Joined planets, Earth is Squashed between the Sun and Jupiter, and all the other planets.
        32,962 1939 Erzincan earthquakeDecember 27 Turkey 1939 Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter & Saturn one sided to the Sun the earth is oposite them, Possible Super Magnet.
        30,000 2003 Bam earthquakeDecember 26No Moon Iran 2003 V Formation, Jupiter at the Peak.
        25,000 Spitak EarthquakeDecember 7thFull Moon Armenia 1988 V Formation Jupiter at the top, Perfect alignment as follows Jupiter, earth, The Sun, Mercury, saturn, Uranus Neptune.
        25,000 1978 Tabas earthquakeSeptember 16thFull Moon Iran 1978 V Formation, Jupitor is at the peak of the V.
        23,000 Guatemala earthquakeFeb 4th 1976Nearly No Moon Guatemala 1976 Mars, Earth Mercury & Venus one sided to the Sun in a perfect alignment.
        18,000 Khait earthquakeJuly 10th. Tajikistan 1949 Mercury, The Sun & Venus Combine as a supermagnet, Earth is between these planets and Jupiter.
        17,118 Izmit earthquakeAugust 17thHalf Moon Turkey 1999 All of The planets in the lower half of the solar system.
        15,000 1960 Agadir earthquakeFeb 29thNo Moon Morocco 1960 Possible Supermagnet Mercury The Sun Venus & mars, Earth On its own.
        12,225 1962 Bou’in-Zahra earthquakeSeptember 1stNo Moon Iran 1962 t Formation, Mars top, Jupiter RH arm, Earth Between Jupiter & Sun.
        10,700 1934 Bihar earthquake India 1934
        9,748 1993 Latur earthquakeSeptember 30thFull Moon India 1993 Sun, Venus Mercury Mars, Jupiter One Sided Possible Super Magnet.
        9,500 1985 Mexico City earthquake19th SeptemberNearly No Moon Mexico 1985 Capital T alignment Mars, Venus, Mercury, The Sun Centre, The Earth Is In Between The Supermagnet & Jupiter.
        7,000 1968 Dasht-e Bayaz and Ferdows earthquakeAug 31stHalf Moon Iran 1968 All Planets ones sided excluding Saturn V foramation One arm Upper arm of the V consists of Pluto, uranus, Jupiter Mars And Saturn at the peak, the earth is on its own once again.
        6,433 Great Hanshin earthquakeJan 17th Full Moon Japan 1995 V formation Most of the planets are In the lower section of the universe, Earth, Venus mars and mercury, Top half of solar system above the sun.

        6,000 1960 Valdivia earthquake22nd MayNearly No Moon Chile 1960 V formation & t formation….Most voilent earthquake, largest ever recorded.
        5,300 1974 Hunza earthquakeDecember 28thFull Moon Pakistan 1974 Earth out on its own, All other planets in lower section of Solar System excluding Saturn.
        4,000 1945 Balochistan earthquake British India 1945 NA
        3,894 1948 Fukui earthquakeJune 28th Japan 1948 Supermagnet affect The Sun Mercury Venus Align, Earth is between these planets and Jupiter.
        3,000 1906 San Francisco earthquake April 18th United States 1906 Alignment between Jupiter, Mars, venus, the Sun & Mercury, Possible supermagnet, Earth is at the End of the alignment, possible snooker ball affect.
        Death Toll Event Location Date
        > 229,866 (sources vary) 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami26th DecemberFull Moon Indian Ocean 2004 Planets All one sided to the Sun Possible Super Magnet, Joining of Mars, Venus, Mercury & Jupiter.


        Looking at the most relevant Natural disasters we see a few things that pop out instantly.

        Most of the Natural disasters happen in December for some reason. November, December, January, May, June, July, September are also hit most frequent possibly something to do with the Equinox in December and the middle of the year The June Equinox.

        We also see in relation to earthquakes at sea the moon plays an important role in the magnitude of disturbance. (Ie) How powerful the Tsunami of 2004 was, it was also a full moon.

        There are 3 shapes main alignments or planetary shapes that affect Earth, they are V, T & t.

        Using these shapes we can predict future natural disasters.

        When planets make the shapes T, V & t they obviously exert a pressure on the Earth causing the plates to crush into eachother. It also seems the V shape is only relevent when located in the lower half of the solar system.

        Possible Natural Disasters

        January 2010 Between January 4th & February 17th
        V Formation & Align of Mars, Earth, Sun,Mercury, Venus & Jupiter

        June 2010 Between June 17th & June 29th

        November 2010 Between November 1st & November 19th

        May 2011 Between May 3rd & June 20th

        October 2012 Between October 4th & October 17th

        December 2012 Between 1st Of December & ……………

        From Looking at the solar system we could be in for a large spell of natural disasters finishing in June 2013.

        This is due to the possition of Jupiter in the solar system. Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury, the sun are all on one side the earth is on the other, that means we could very much get the biggest tug in the history of the solar system. The Earth is out on its own for an extremely long period.

        The natural disasters in December will add heat to the Mayan fire, hopefully this is not the end.

        Please also note the dates of the alignments or planet arrangements are in line with the months of previous natural disasters (ie) December, November, May & June.

        2009 has had no alignments that stuck out what so ever hence why there has been no natural disasters. December 2012 will also be the beginning of the Suns solar maximum.

        1. sherry

          Im sensing that this will all come about mid-June. Because I have no training in astrology or astronomy, I did look up to see what was happening in mid-June….and to be truthful I sort of scared myself.Not only do we have a full moon, but we also have 4 planets lining up at the same time–jupiter, mars, venus, and mercury.

          With this, I want to go back over maps and see if I can sense out any changes. But I do not feel good about the Gulf of Alaska.

  8. Loree B

    All I can say is that we shouldn’t be scared, but prepared. We shouldn’t condemn or dismiss predictions or theories (as many great historical scientists have done and have been proven wrong), yet we shouldn’t freak out either. The west coast (esp. NW where I’m at) is obviously on a major fault line and it’s bound to happen at some point.

    Hearing all of these earthquakes in the past year, I think that the one in Japan has hit me (and a lot of us) the hardest because it’s the closest devastation yet that also involved a major tsunami which is also inevitable for the west coast. Whether it will happen tomorrow, next year, 20 years from now, or whatever- it’s going to happen. And all we can do is be prepared.

    I see no method to the madness, yet he did point out the ‘ring of fire’ and that does raise some concern. But then I also wonder if he can predict earthquakes, where was he for Japan? NZ? Chile? I’m not saying he’s BS, but maybe predictions can’t always be made. All I can say is he must have some right in him. He’s very knowledgeable.

    As I’ve pondered the theory before- on how the gravitational pull of the moon can not only effect climate/environmental changes, tides…that it could even possibly shift the earth’s underlayers. Obviously there’s no proof, but there’s always possibility. the universe is one amazing thing.

  9. natasha

    In my opinion, for what it’s worth. Anything that motivates people to prepare for an earthquake is a good thing. I don’t think anyone looks back and says, darn I was to prepared for that disaster.

    1. Matt

      That doesn’t even make sense. If Hell even exists, do you know anybody that has come back to let anybody else know how it is? Besides, didn’t Jesus or God or somebody important-like say something about not judging people? Isn’t that one of His jobs? Just sayin’

    2. Iron

      I think the whole world needs to start answering there doors to jehova witnesses they have been warning us of such events for some time. I believe god is involved with the events happing on earth. Matt. 24 READ IT!!!

  10. samantha

    The fish kill could be from the Japan earthquake. This reporter should shut his mouth also, he’s ANNOYING! Also, California is built for earthquakes. Maybe not a 9.0-10.0, but I know some of my family is PREPARED! I wouldn’t worry to much. & I doubt there would even be a tsunami.

    1. Anonymous

      Samantha the Fish turned up on March 8 FYI the quake in Japan happened on the 11th of March. Also do you STUDY the earth or any other sciences?? I don’t think so….. also everyone has the freedom of speech it is just a WARNING relax and CA isn’t really “built” for an earthquake did you see the pictures after the Northridge earthquake…obviously not maybe you should “research” a few things

      1. Cathy

        @ samantha she was giving freedom of speech & yes california is prepared for earthquakes not all places BUT most of them are YOUR NOT GOD & NEAITHER IS ANYONE els so STOP makeing predications you no YOU CANT KEEP Have a nice day 🙂

        1. Anonymous

          @ Cathy RELAX yes some parts can withstand smaller earthquakes but not large ones that is why most are frightened. I am NOT making any predictions I have only studied these events a bit (BUT at least I have STUDIED SOMETHING)I didn’t say I was GOD so stop making up stuff and learn how to spell you have a nice day 🙂

    1. Advice

      You should have flashlights, extra clothes, sleeping bags/blankets, food and a gallon of water per person a day (considering that this might be a series of quakes, I’d get a lot of water), extra batteries, keep your pets on leashes, a radio that runs on batteries, tent, Cell phones (but they might not work), keep your car full of gas, and bring change. And if you have a family, I’d designate a spot where you guys could meet up in case the quakes start when you guys are apart or get separated.

      Although Earthquakes are pretty much unpredictable, I’d be prepared just in case. You never know what might happen.

  11. Donna

    Hey, I agree that no matter who says what, we need to be prepared. I live on the Coast of Washington State and I am concerned about the “big one”. There are several websites that give lists of things to get for preparation. Just google “earthquake preparedness”. I have extra water, food, extra batteries for flashlights, a emergency radio, tent, sleeping bags etc, etc all in one place that I hope I can get to if it happens. I always keep my cell phone charged, and keep my cars full of gas. But who knows….a tusanmi may just wipe me out! All I can do is try. Take care America and be prepared.

  12. I am from San Francisco so earthquakes are very real to us. We are a small city, 7×7 miles, so we do, indeed, fear the real possibility of an event like what just happened in Japan happening here. We remember the ’89 quake and the still look at photos of the devastating ‘1906 earthquake and fire. We are bracing for a large earthquake and being on the coast, we fear a tsunami. I have many friends in beautiful homes in the Sea Cliff area of SF. Those homes would be destroyed…washed away.. I live a few miles away from the water, but now I see that I would not be safe, either. Although I do not panic nor do I plan on moving, I do see the real possibility of what can happen to my birthplace and home. It is simply the a reality. All we can do is prepare and hope that there are more smaller quakes to let the steam out. At least that is what I have grown up thinking.

  13. Jay

    I live in Christchurch New Zealand and we have a guy here who says he can predict earthquakes using the same theory…He has said there will be a big one on or around the 20th March (today) and after the carnage from the quake here on the 22nd Feb and 4th Sept (which he also claims he predicted) there has been an exodus of people from the city (whats left of it)…but it is now the 20th of March and soo far nothing…. Proberly just scare mongering but people should always be prepared. he gives a window of +/- 3days… hope I dont have to come back saying hes right (I highly doubt it)

  14. TanyaS

    Ok, I get it now…it’s FoX NEWS… always uninformed and paranoid! How can you predict earthquakes? And where was he a couple weeks ago when Japan was hit? He could’ve saved THOUSANDS of lives!! But no, he is playing on paranoia and making people scared! I agree with being prepared, that’s a great idea. The fact that you can ‘predict’ earthquakes… paleeese!!!

  15. Adin Martin Villanueva

    I just gave my children a “what to do(s)” in the event that we have a catastrophic event similar to Japan… I felt better having given them some directions. Also, we will prepare a kit, each at least with water, crackers, a candle and match/box, a whistle, pencil/paper.
    These tremors can and may happen anytime and I am not sure if anyone can predict the exact minute or date, but we all know that these are “inevitable” and being prepared is always the best way to go.

  16. stephanie michel

    Why does the idea of the possibility that someone might have a lead on something such as information based on clear cut historical PATTERNS of similarities such as animals washing up on shores for no apparent reason days before large quakes strike, of course always seemingly on or around a full moon or eclipse- get the non believers so flustered? Could it be that they have no power greater than themselves because they are playing God themselves and they are scared out of their wits? Yes, I do believe people, this is the answer. Take the information and get prepared. So what if it doesn’t come now. It’s only a matter of time. The ones who are griping about false predictions are more than likely to be the ones that are NOT prepared, who will be banging on my back door for food and shelter because you were so cocky to complain and complain and complain about what? A warning that a quake may be coming? You should be prepared anyway. Mean ignorant people suck.

  17. Amanda

    I think there’s nothing wrong with being prepared for a quake. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t. Either way I live somewhere where we do get quakes, and being prepared is smart.

  18. nakira nissin

    It’s a sad reality that we are all going to die someday….whether in a natural state or a disaster. Relatively speaking, life is short.. so live your life to the fullest each day as it comes your way. My heart goes out to those that perished in Japan…May you rest in peace.

    Just be prepared is better!!! Than nothing at all.

    1. Anonymous

      You comments about life help me. I was wondering whether to send my daughter off to san francisco to study cos of the possibility of earthquake. She just want to go there and I do not wish she goes.
      If she and my husband insist, I just let go and give my blessings and live life to the fullest each day
      as you said. Sometimes we just can’t be afraid to die.

  19. Samantha

    I think its stupid that he didnt predict this until the one in japan hit. You can’t predict earthquakes. The full moon has nothing to do with it. The moon doesn’t control tectonic plates last time I checked. Also the fish that died. probably because of all the crud from japan washing into the ocean or the nuclear plant leeking into the ocean too? This guy is a joke. He predicted ONE damn earthquake. Lucky guess. There is tons of earthquakes in cali. Watch this. There will be a tornado in kansas in a month. And ill probably be right. If a quake does happen he didn’t predict it he used common sense. quakes all around the ring of fire we are next. But I doubt he will be right.

  20. Sean

    It’s true, correlation does not equal causation, but you would be unwise not to prepare for this if you live around the “ring of fire”. Jim isn’t using a crystal ball, he’s citing events in the past that back his own professional belief that a big quake could be in store. I live in San Francisco, so needless to say I’m going to prepare. Thankful that Jim shared his thoughts and caution.

  21. Kelly

    1. I am a christian for one. I was born 3 pounds 8 ounces. Had congenital heart failure. Repaired all by itself. Had a 106 degree fever. Enough on that subject of hell because I will have none of it. I strongly believe that god saved me and he saved alot of other people that were the same as I was.

    2. like I said before. No one can predict an earthquake. God controls everything so only he knows when an earthquake will happen. He knows what will happen before it happens. Yes. Oregon does get earthquakes but where I live in Medford Ore. We dont get quakes all that often. Oregonians should be more concerned about volcanoes than earthquakes. Mt. Hood comes to mind. Floods are more common as well where I live. Yes we have the cascadian subduction zone but that hasnt came to life except for a spat here and there.

    3. Fox news is fake news or uninformed news. They dont look at the information behind the info. They just throw it out there to the american people and say here react to this. The only thing fox is good for is sports.

    4. The moon did rise and it was spectacular for those that saw it. I was under a cloudy sky so I couldnt see it. If you think seeing a supermoon within 221,500 miles of earth think of 2029 when the asteroid apophis comes within an eye popping 20,000 miles from the earth and no telescope needed to see the event.

    5. And then there is the part people have been talking about. I read an article in Yahoo news saying that the world could end May 21st 2011. The guy who said that was Harold Camping. An 89 year old retired person who says he closely reads the bible and says that the date would be that. I have heard this before. No one knows when the world ends. If that geezer would study the book of Matthew he will find out in Chapter 24 verse 36 that no one knows the day the time or the hour of his return except the father himself. One story comes to mind is 1884 when some guy predicted the end of the world and when it didnt happen it was dubbed the great disappointment and that guy along with all his followers formed the seventh day adventist church. Then it re-surfaced in 1986 people were predicting that. Didnt happen. Then in 1999 people were predicting it because of the Y2K stuff. It didnt happen. And when May 21st 2011 and December 21st 2012 come to pass and nothing happens. I will say this. I’m Still Here. Just like in the movie the great escape.

    6. About that 2012 stuff. The Mayan calendar ends. People are paranoid about it saying when the mayan calendar ends we do too. It aint happenin. The history channel was airing false stuff and promoting it to earn money. Great ratings though. They even made a movie out of it. God also says in his word that beware of false prophets and false teachers. This thing called the Nibiru. Its just make-believe. As is Planet X.

    I can go on and on about disasters big and small. I dont back down from anyone who threatens me like that anonymous poster. All I have to say is live life to the fullest dont sweat the small stuff and you will be just fine. I agree with some of the great posts on here. But when that anonymous poster said that about me. I struck back and I wasnt afraid to. Oh and there is a verse about that what Matt said about judging and it says in god’s word dont judge lest ye be judged. People who are paranoid dont see the information in front of them. They just react first and ask questions later. I try to help those people and it has helped 50/50. any information I can be of help to anyone can reply to this post and I will answer them as good as I possibly can.

  22. Jane Doe

    This man is an idiot, his track record shows that he will be right? What track record!? He predicted an earthquake will happen 4 days before it happened? Not impressed, and all this crap about the fish? How gullible do you people have to be? If there is an earthquake then call me a fool and make him president, but the ONLY reason I see North America having one is because there was just a 9.8 in the middle of the damn ocean!!! It’s called a freaking after shock! And yes, there can be after shocks up to a month after the original quake. All of you take day to day coincidences and turn them into meanings, but they are MEANINGLESS MEANINGS!!! All of this means NOTHING! The world is NOT ending, The Myan’s ran out of rock to write on, Y2K made me crap myself from laughing so hard, The bible is the original version of Harry Potter, and THERE IS NO GOD! AND IT’S A FUCKING EARTHQUAKE!!! HOLY CRAP! I myself will be playing XBox for the next week and if there IS an earthquake then god forbid it scratches the CD inside it.

    1. Anonymous

      your a moron jane doe get a life your WRONG about just about everything you said may God have pity on your moronic comments the fact that you can play x box all week says a whole lot and you are calling us dumb?? go figure if you don’t “believe” in this then why are you on this site?? Yeah mmmhhmmm

  23. Jason

    For the people who are saying tht a huge earthquack cant happen here are crazy…the same people thought tht in japan and hati and chile….yeah they had miney ones but then look what happened….we think just because we have minor quacks tht a massive one can never hit…daister can come any were anytime…i mean we havent had one so im guessing its are time…for the people whos saying there tryna scare us..why in the hell would they want to do tht?….its pointless…..the guy is hella smart…and if u can predict the weather im sure u can predict an earthquack!!!oh yeah and if hundreds of fish are just floating up dead for no reason somethin has to be wrong im telling you….we just have to pray and be prepared for what evet happens…but dont deny it and say hes dumb and stupid because if he predicited one and it happened what amkes you think he cant predicy the other..

      1. Anonymous

        @ Cathy your calling someone a dumb a** really??? That is real grown up why can’t he express himself……because it is against what YOU “believe” (roll-eyes)

  24. Angie

    With all the natural disasters happening around the world with greater frequency and intensity, we can’t help but shudder. Things are unraveling on planet earth and we shouldn’t be surprised because the Bible has predicted all of these things (Matthew 24). Our only safety on this reeling earth is to put our faith in God Almighty who will see us through to the end.

  25. Kelly

    Things happen naturally Angie. God created everything. But as far as a person predicting a quake and taking credit for it is in my mind an idiot. He thinks wow my prediction of an earthquake came true. So he keeps predicting em until one of his predictions is wrong. I am an avid fan of the bible and quakes do happen naturally. Mainly in the 5 to 6 magnitude and maybe a 7 from time to time. People are being a tad bit paranoid thinking what happened in Japan will have more frequency here in the united states. Northern Oregon is criss-crossed with fault lines. Most quakes they get there are hardly feelable

    1. lh1988

      You believe in ‘God’ an entity that has existed before time and will exist after time stops but you don’t believe in a person who can predict earthquakes???

  26. J.J

    I have a hard time believing this guy, but then again, who knows. I’m almost certain that if he turns out to be wrong, he’s going to say “I was trying to merely get everyone to prepare for a future earthquake”.

  27. Biodiva

    My students are cracking up at you guys! They said you guys need to get a life instead of argueing about this stuff at 3:16 in the morning…… Lolololol! LMBO!!!!!

  28. It's coming .....

    … NOT! There isn’t going to be an earthquake in California this week or the next. I guarantee it.

    I am willing to bet my house and both my rental properties that there will be no earthquake. If you’d like to put your money where your mouth is, let’s meet in Vegas with an attorney and make the bet official.

    As for this guy’s predictions, he’s like my broken watch. It’s 100% accurate twice a day, every day.

    So relax, and enjoy the lovely weather! 🙂 Amen

    1. Well, I wouldn’t bet, things have been going crazy around here in central california, the Sacramento River is overflowing and flooding and, about 50 to 60 miles north of here, a tornado Touched down in good old northern california, look it up, look up tornado and Coulusa California. Might be Colusa, not sure, try both. We had both today, flooding and a tornado, in nothern california, we don’t have tornadoes here, so, what is going on????!!!????

  29. Kelly

    I heard about that tornado. Tornadoes are rare in northern california. But that one was in a wide open area. In fact II think yesterday there was a funnel cloud off the coast of oregon. Brookings. Looking West and it formed.

    Very late last year an F2 tornado hit the aumsville area which is 45 miles south of Portland. It ripped the roof off a barber shop. Tornadoes are rare on the west coast. Unlike earthquakes we dont get the serious of twisters either. The system responsible for it is moving east and out of california only to be followed up by another one. Not quite as strong I am presuming. Then the weekend. Mainly Washington and Oregon will see some of this rain and California will get a break. especially the Mount Shasta area which up in the higher elevations has been getting whacked by snow.

    1. Hey Kelly, yep, that tornado was a surprise, I had to call my mom, she was scared and, the river flooded right were my wife works, I am not kidding, the building she works in, she sent me pictures of it. it was flooding at her building, the building is next to the river, they built it too close to the river. Not smart. Also, I don’t know, earthquakes happen in Calfornia, so, that’s a no brainer, but still, that Tornado, that, was a surprise….

  30. Jim Berkland

    Mr. Jim Berkland, I just wanted to say that your seriously full of it. You and your false predictions, just cause you got lucky once does not mean you’ll get lucky again in your stupid and false predictions. Well it’s March 23, 2011 and still no earthquake. That’s an epic fail on you Mr. Jim Berkland, and when March 26,2011 comes around we will officially know how full of shit you really are, some do look forward for earthquakes to hit sf and it’s bad to get peoples hopes up. Curious have you ever counted the predictions that you failed? one win but many fails. Remember to always be sure before you speak to the media, to be honest you don’t even believe yourself when you speak so why should others? I rest my point. Your an insult to the science community, so please let us do our job and you keep your predictions to yourself. After my years of experience I can assure you there will be NO earthquakes. And for everyone asking who’s to blame when it dont happen.. well lets all blame Jim.

  31. Anonymous

    Who cares what Jim Berkland is worried about or his predictions, We all know is false. Jokes going to be on him when nothing happens. Jim is like the crazy homelesses out there in the streets talking crazy. Besides minimum wage wheather man don’t even have the credentials to predict earthquakes. Forget what’s going on in America and focus more on how we can contribute to Japan.

    1. I agree, poor Japan, they need everyone’s help, right now, not that they aren’t self sufficient, they obviously are, the only nation to ever be nuked, and look how strong they are.
      They will rebound, no doubt. Praise God….

    1. matthew parvin

      I see we have a supporter of Jim, seriously where are all these losers coming from? look in the mirror Brian before you call people assholes. Until Jim and you can save that many lives then you two can speak.

    1. Well, well, well, well, well, we have had two or three tornadoes up here in Northern California, which is rare, we don’t have tornadoes here in Northern Calfornia, so far, no earthquakes, so, why do I have to wake up, bone head. I call you bone head because you call yourself god….

  32. Oh yeah, the weather right now, is hailing here in Elk Grove CA, but no tornadoes yet…I keep checking the weather reports and the emergency hasn’t broken in on the t.v. stations yet, no tornadoes, right now, and guess what, still no earthquake. Now, I am not saying an Earthquake won’t happen, don’t misquote me, I didn’t say an earthquake won’t happen, I just said no one can predict one……we have earthquakes here in Northern California, duh, so predicting one is like saying I am predicting sunshine during the summer. Duh!!

  33. GOD

    Just an update guys, it’s March 25,2011 and still.. NO EARTHQUAKE?! I was actually looking forward to one. Oh wells, one more day to go and the whole world will know how full of shit Jim Berkland is. Epic fail Jim. EARTHQUAKE EARTHQUAKE! CMON EVERYONE!

  34. Hey, we still have the rest of Friday and Saturday, but I am with you, who ever you are. I won’t call you GOD, but you are right, no one can predict an EARTHQUAKE, doesn’t mean one won’t happen, but you can’t predict one……

  35. I agree, earthquakes as far as I know, aren’t fun, but oh well, who knows, welll see, I hope not too. I don’t like earthquakes, all of the earthquake’s I have experienced, aren’t good, I was in southern California back when, when that Riverside Earthquake happened back in the early 70’s and lived in Stockton when the Loma Prieta one hit in San Francisco, they all suck. But, we’ll see. Hope not…

    1. ross

      up until recently I was a catholic, and still am. However my views were changed by.a.friend no longer a catholic but still a Christian .there are many things wrong with the catholic church like their Mary worship for example, and their worship of.the eucharist . Point is I have changed my ways I KNOW I have found god. Now hear my words. It is not possible to predict a quake. Only god can , in the. same way no one can predict judgement day, for no man knows the day or the hour.

  36. Olga

    Bible says…Look for signs…didn’t say look for God.
    I say repent your sins, love one another, share your
    last dollar to the most unfortunate, get along with
    everyone, if you can’t say a prayer for them. Resist
    temptation …visit the church no matter what religion.
    Read the Bible for guidance, and pray like you never
    have before.

  37. Obama

    EPIC FAIL JIM BERKLAND, WHERE IS THE EARTHQUAKE THAT WAS PREDICTED?! in all serious-ness I was actually looking forward for an earthquake, got my hopes up.. and really wanted to prove how full of shit Jim was on the media. I guess that ring of fire went straight up Jim’s ass haha, but I must thank him that Ive won a huge bet with some friends. Feels great winning $100 that earthquake will not happen on a prediction that was clearly a publicity stunt. Anywho have a great day everyone.

  38. Yes, me too, I won, a few bets myself, everyone said, Jim’s and expert, why would he say if it wasn’t going to happen, I said, ” Because you can’t Predict one. Man, what kind of idiots are people becoming. and, well, no earthquake here in N. California either, now watch, it is Sunday and watch, well, have one, LOL, but still, it was outside of his prediction. Well, you can’t predict an earthquake, are they going to happen, of course they are, this is Calfornia, we have THEM, so, yes, there are going to be earthquakes, but you can’t predict them..

  39. chilax

    Wow, so much conviction and hate. Am I the only person who saw this video and understood 19th-26th of March to be a window of higher earthquake probability.
    Not that isn’t bull. There may be a ripple effect and there definetly is a ring of fire around the pacific ocean, and yes the west coast is a high earthquake zone, but giving a 7 day window for earthquake probability seem pretty absurd.
    Anyway, my point is: a lot of people here seemed overly convinced by what seem rather unsubstantiated beliefs one way and/or the other. Maybe we need to all take this stuff with a grain of salt, but also keep an open mind. We still got 2012 coming, right?

  40. Dude,it isn’t hate, but it is conviction, you are right about that. No one can predict an earthquake is what we were all saying were do YOU get the hate? I wasn’t saying anything hatefull, however, I can see how some did sound that way, but you said it right after my last comment. I did say what kind of idiots are people becoming, because people just follow hook line and sinker behind anyone saying anything at any time, so, I don’t see why people gobbled up what he said. Were is the hate? I think you have it, because you read our replies and hated what we said….\

  41. Heidi

    Wondering….. If you dreamed of an impending disaster and said nothing …..the time goes by that you “believed” it would happen. You’re safe right you don’t look like an idiot? 3 weeks past that time it happens then you say “I had a dream about this before it happened” now you are an idiot! You want the credit now that you know you were right but possibly could have saved lives of a few that may have been a little more cautious had you not been afraid of what people would think…..something for the self enlightened folks to ponder

  42. Anonymous

    Hey, Heidi, you are talking about something else, a dream, not a prediction, I was referring to someone predicting, two different things….and you make it sound so like you are so wonderful, I guess you are…..

  43. Heidi

    I am not calling myself anything. merely making an obersvation of others posts from a third persons point of view don’t care to argue with you. However predictions are based in what exactly? Scientific fact observation personal experience and explicit dreams or visions. Or a little of each who the hell knows I haven’t made any predictions
    But since I live in this country I am entitled to at least my thoughts for the time being

  44. Heidi

    Nostradamus predicted events correct? Were they in an awake state or sleep? Native Americans predictions of events through either sleep or drug induced states to a spirit guide telling them of coming events or hey how bout the Bible there are plenty of events predicted through “dreams” there too not such a stretch but I am curious what exactlyvabout my post got you riled up enough to bother resoondingbwhen it was directed at no person only a general statement saying perhaps it would not hurt people to use a little care in quickly dissmissing a thought dream perception vision or prediction from another that may in fact save the life of someone who has they’re mind open to a possibility of things beyond the norm as our society sees it

  45. Heidi

    “We the sheep-les” being oppressed by closed minded masses who wish to follow our government blindly leading us away from the basic principles of freedom the constitution and the very basis of why this country came to be.they will whittle every right we have because of people who want everyone to conform to they’re way of thinking there is my prediction every bit as immenant as as earthquake and far more destructive

  46. Anonymous

    Hey Heidi, people don’t follow the Government blindly, only those that choose to. If the people choose to follow the gov’t blindly, then why are the PEOPLE so unhAPpy, and why does the country not to be so in agreement with the gov’t? the gov’t seems to be doing what ever it darn well pleases, not the will of the people……

  47. Anonymous

    Well, the the basic freedom of the constituition the freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to vote, the right to assemble and so on. But the currect President, is doing his best to take them away, slowly….little by little….

  48. Heidi

    I have the opinion that however unfortunate it may be that there are far too few peopple aware or unlazy enough to see where this is all headed until its too late we got soft with all of our creature comforts and eventually if something does not change we will have no rights at all.

  49. Anonymous

    Hey, you kow what Heidi, I couldn’t agree with you more, but it is meant to be. I am a Christian, as the way I see it, it is just a matter of course, not fate, because fate says I have no choice in the future, but I have a choice. I believe the worse is going to happen, I believe the world is in the time of the end and well, I don’t want to scare anyone, because it is scary. But, there is only one way out, safely and that is to believe in Jesus…..

  50. Heidi

    What type of Christian are you, if you do not mind my asking as it is a sincere question?
    The Sunday variety that advertises there association with the church with a fish or notw window sticker or the type that listens to the still small voice inside saying give that Guy the last two dollars in your pocket or the plethora if other things you do even though you might not want to at first?

  51. Anonymous

    No, I don’t have any stickers, I don’t have any button’s, I just have a bible and I read it. I believe with what the bible says. Since I do believe the bible and the signs of the times say what they say, it looks like a matter of months, before it really hits the fan….

  52. Anonymous

    Oh, I don’t know what kind of christian I am, I am not a catholic or morman, or 7th Day Adventish or whatever you can think of, I just go to a local church and the pastor reads and preaches from it and right now, he is in the book of Zacheriah. He started in Genesis and is headed to Revelation, when he get there, he’ll go back to Genesis and start over again….

  53. Allyson

    This figures, this guy is known for earthquake tracking and looking it up on google a lot of people have done the same and nobody listens, nobody prepares and people die because Japan didn’t prepare. No the guy didn’t say the Earthquake and Tsunami will happen on this specific date at this specific hour but he was still on the mark around the time frame, but did anyone want to listen no.

  54. Really, Allyson? Really? He made the prediction, after the first earthquakes in Japan AND, Japan has had them forever, really? He wa sstil on the mark around the time frame? Really? I think you just want to believe. That’s okay, if you do, but really? He said it would happen last week or so here in northern california and nothing happened and do you not expect after shocks and more earthquakes in Japan, especially after that bad one with the tsunami? Like I said, if you want to believe him, that’s okay, you are allowed, but I don’t think so…..

  55. John Brady

    The next big Earthquake will be in May 2011 between the dates 15th & 21st of may. The moon will be at its Perigree on the 15th. Look at all of the planets are alligned one sided to the sun. Alaska is where it will hit. Aleutian Trench. Hopefully I am wrong:)

    1. Woody Del

      John, I’m planning to be there in May. I’ll post my experiences here. You’ll be famous. Interesting comments here. Just one problem with Berkland. How can someone who is intelligent not maintain a simple website? Unless there is a SECRET ONE…..

    2. Anonymous

      Hmmm, the moon is at its perigee, once a month, every month of the year. Based on this “logic”, shouldn’t we be having major earthquakes 12x a year, every year? Planets all lined up, best ever line up, in the late 70’s when NASA launched the two Voyagers to visit the outer planets. No big quakes then.

    3. sherry

      Well. May 21st has come and gone.
      Today is May 22.
      No earthquake.
      But the pressure under the Gulf of Alaska is mounting steadily.
      This is going to surprise everyone.
      The pressure is mounting UNDER THE WATER.
      The quake may have not happened during your specified time, but I dont
      think its going to be much longer. (Days to weeks)


    1. Anonymous

      Yup, the spring tide gets fairly feisty once or twice a year. Wasn’t the Supermoon, extra close to Earth at its perigee, supposed to cause the earthquakes LAST MONTH? If earthquakes were caused by a moon at it’s perigee (happens every month), or moon extra close to Earth (every few years), or by spring tides (twice monthly) or lined up planets, (happens in various forms and amount of planets several times a century), don’t you think a bright person on this planet would recognized and supported this with loads of mumerical data?! Sigh. Yes, the W. coast is overdue for a major earthquake. No secret. Geologists have recognized this and been sharing the news for the last 15 years. AND, we ARE woefully under-prepared for one. HOWEVER, it seems data suggests that sliding tectonic plates trigger quakes and not, moons, supermoons, moons at perigees, lined up planets, spring tides, dying fish or beaching whales. If alarms should be sounded, lets focus on reason and data and preparedness instead of conjecture, hearsay and fear. An Oregon resident and science teacher.

      1. sherry


        Well ofcourse, tectonic plates cause earthquakes. Everyone on this board knows that. But tell us what causes the tectonic plates to move/slide ?

  56. Heidi

    And to whom do we owe the honor of self presumed superior intellect beyond a coward that hides behind anonymity throwing childish comments as one would expect from someone who is in fact threatened by we “Stupid” American’s as you so eloquently stated. Either stand and face us or hide you cannot to both and call yourself anything more than a lowly coward.

  57. Philip

    just got a mail.. saying it gona be on the 26th of april.. or 26th may/june… either or.. u oaks are in for sumtin huge.. soon..
    Good luck. Know who your saviour is.. Jesus Christ. Believe in Him and you’ll be saved, not through deeds but through the power of Faith in his Forgiven Glorius Name. Amen

  58. Helix

    I recently heard a prediction that a major 9+ was going to be hitting the Los Angeles area on May 12, 2011… Supposed epicenter…Vernon.

    Just thought I’d share that.

  59. Steve

    Earthquake forcaster Jim Berkland, so what happened to your earthquake? You really should stop smoking those fish, or whatever else you are on. As for his followers (groupies?) boy, they must feel like real jerks.

  60. Ingrid

    Shalom to you all. Very interesting. You know when i heard that Obama said yesterday to go back to the 1967 borders like he’s their sadistic boss, i thought, well, some people are going to die now. Little did i figure that this man’s strange earthquake/rapture premonition may be halfway right, in that: Our nation as a collective whole people are going to be severely PUNISHED FOR THIS ONGOING INSISTENCE OF PUTTING UP WITH VICIOUS PRESIDENTS WHO SABOTAGE ISRAEL AT EVERY STEP, LIKE THE U.N. PUPPET WE ARE.

    Seeing NetanYahu’s direct, impassioned, certain yet respectful appeal and assertion that this can not every happen was i think, inspired by Yah of the Universe, who is using NetanYahu as his late-day righteous ruler. bless him. I even felt a little sorry for Obama and embarrassed for him. I hope he learned some things from this man, before its too late for us all here in the USA. (Land of the ‘free’ and home certainly, of still many brave and honest people). Wake up, people of America.

    Before the earthquakes to come get us. We will see about this tomorrow, but thinking about this all, the scope of the injustices being done (abominations and sorceries), a huge one now should not surprise anyone by now.

    We will see. Pray to Yah for your families, your freedoms and rights, and stand behind Israel in her fight for her life.

  61. Tom

    blah blah blah, all bullsh-t, I predict it will rain some time in the near future, I predict that stocks will go up and down, I predict that all people will die one day, some young some old, the world has been changing for 1000’s of years. the only difference is now we have internet to spread peoples paranoid dilusions. If you wanna Google something, Google earth quakes in the past 500 yrs. Guess what! there was alot!!! we went from Atari to Xboxes, Iphone 4’s , internet etc… in less than 40yrs. That alone changed the world as we know it!!!

    Wake up people, go to work! support and love your family always like there is no tomorrow but continue to live and prosper as we were meant to do!

    Captain Tom

  62. Ingrid

    At any rate, people who are not for our best interests are trying to start armageddon by a previously decided-upon timetable, with a surprise for us to be deceived/punished i’m thinking on December 21, (winter solstice) 2012.

    We have a lot of things to happen before then, but that won’t be a good thing to happen then, and very awesome/dark in the spirit world.
    Pray people, pray – to the Real Creator of the Cosmos, IAUE (Hebrew Vowels which when uttered pronounce the ancient name of the Almighty revealed in the Bible, which was taken out by the Church Fathers (after their habit of committing ‘pious’ fraud) upon the trusting people.

    His name is vital to us, our lives, our safety, and is of unutterable importance to HIM, per His own words throughout the bible, and per his real messiah, (not Jesus) Yahushua/Yahshua carrying his Father’s name speaking his Father’s words (not his own words). This is one of the major differences between the real messiah versus the impostor, one speaks his own different words/version of religion, and the real only repeats his Father’s original message, just stronger.

    Let us all take heed, quickly while there is still time. One day when we least expect it, time will be undone, and we will be sorry we didn’t pay attention to this.

    May Yahueh/IAUE/Yahu (as in Benyamin NetanYahu = son of My Right Hand, (first name) Given by Yahu last name) bless you in your seeking to come out of Egypt/Babylon/Slavery. He will honour all steps you take to gain his truths, which isn’t exactly easy, but possible and available especially now with computers.

    The Two Babylons by English preacher/archeologist Alexander Hislop will start you off on that journey with amazing, mind-blowing truths of such vital import you will be astounded, and which you will need in the days to com. bless you all.

  63. Anonymous

    Tom I couldn’t agree more!! The only difference between now and a thousand years ago is we have CNN, the Internet, and phones. Worse things have happened hundreds of years ago- the black death, for one, now we have AIDS and we have the power to control it. If you ask me the end of the world will be random and not the end of the world at all..just like the dinosaurs..something unfortunate will happen and life as we know it will start again. I am in the medical field. Whatever happens in my future, if it’s in my future I know I will do everything I can to save and protect mine. God has blessed me. God is not done with me. Take that to the bank when I can save your life with duct tape and a hemostat.

  64. Ingrid

    There is one thing we should all be worrying for, today, and that is there are going to be all his followers who hoped to be swooped/caught up in the ‘rapture’ who are all going to be very very depressed.

    I think they will be suicidal, really. Can you imagine they have hoped for this, and they will be disillusioned, hopeless and will be easy prey for the real supernatural miracles/signs/lying wonders, cause they obviously do not know the Bible or ever studied it.

    Poor people. Preacher Harold Camping will have a lot to answer for, since he was in the position of authority and led them astray with this lie. but they shuld have studied for themselves.

    We’ve all been taught so many lies. Poor people.

  65. Ingrid

    Speaking about the potential for earthquake, it seems my cat agrees with Jim Berkland. He was running around like a kitten yesterday morning, crazy-like, as though he got into some patch of cat-meth, later my boyfriend said he was all up in the neighbor’s yard, then running down the street full-blast which he never ever does (he’s very old).

    what’s up with that? 🙂

    we shall see….!

  66. sherry

    June 11, 2011

    Hi John & All,

    I think we are just days away from an earthquake in the gulf of Alaska.
    Let me TRY and put a time on it.
    Between now (June 11th) and June 20th, 2011.

    If Im wrong….its very OK with me.


  67. sherry

    June 15th 2011

    Anyone notice the earthquake on the AEIC site due south of Kodiak Island today? I would guess its maybe 80 to
    100 miles (?) south of Kodiak Island. Well, I find it suspicious because one rarely sees any indication that far south…
    but then thats exactly the western edge of the weakness I sense with my hands when going over a map. And from that point one travels east towards the Alaskan/Canadian coastline and the plate pressure is much, much stronger.
    I believe I said in an earlier post that I expect an earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska between June 11 and June 20th.
    It will be ONGOING as the NZ and Japan earthquakes have been.

    There’s nothing silly about having an emergency bag of food, important papers, money ready to grab and go with.

    Be and stay safe.


  68. sherry

    June 18, 2011 11:05pm (central time)

    Finally acquired a map of Alaska.
    As an intuitive, there are SEVERAL places that stand out in Alaska.
    I think Port Heiden is one. Lots of pressure under Port Heiden and under the waters of Bristol Bay.
    Alot of pressure under Cantwell Alaska too.
    Just thought I would mention those two cities in particular. The fault lines in the Gulf of Alaska always there.


  69. If u go here u can see how the pacific plate seems 2 b movin n pushing all the plates around it :

    …..and the West side of the Usa (California) is the only place were an Earthquake bigger than 5.0 hasnt hit yet

    So my guess is tat a lot of pressure is buildin up there n when it hits it’ll probably be a huge one lik a 7.0 or bigger…..

    like in Fox Islands, Alaska were a lot of small earthquakes were happening untill the 7.2 hit last week…
    if u look at this map the same thing is happenin in California were a lot of small quakes r
    spreadin across the whole state:

  70. Anonymous

    I have seen the san francisco earthquake in late july 2011 strange i
    can even sence it, its about 9.8 (yes the biggest on record)

    i hope i am wrong because the wave is huge but if i am not good luck?


  71. Anonymous

    Has any of the more sensitive people noticed the area just barely north of Easter Island.
    That place has tremendous pressure! I’ve been so focused on Alaska, I wasnt paying any attention.
    Just the way the energy comes apart, I would have to guess this will come about before a major event
    in/near Alaska. Even the whales near Easter Island are VERY upset.

    Sherry W.
    July 4th, 2011 10:22pm Central Time

  72. Joy

    Ive been “in the process” of moving to oregon for almost a year now and things just keep happening to the point of me feeling like im not there for a reason. My aunt told me that theres been predictions for a massive (or several) earthquake to hit there. Ive been curious as to what is keeping me here and have just recently started research to see if this is anything to do with it. any one with any helpful tips ar knowledge please email me as my resources are kind of limited. In the mean time ill continue my research and try to get this move going.

  73. Anonymous

    Lol attacking this man for his belief’s that this is possible it only shows fear that you somehow believe it too which is why your ego is lashing, who cares if hes right or wrong, he is entitled to believe as he wishes, the bottom line is were all going to die either way be it in a cataclysmic event or on your way to work, stop being foolish and blinded by the possibilities of what can be and may be and live every day as if its your last. Something big is going on around the world regardless of our religious or non religious beliefs its undeniable and we all know it no matter how much we avoid talking or thinking about it, its happening deal with it and enjoy every day.

  74. Anonymous

    all the JOY You Hold inside ,.. give it Life dont let it be denied ,.. whos to say whats right or wrong ? ONLY Greatspirit God can say ,…… but You deside ,…..,, round and round the Cycle goes where it stops Nobody Knows … no Body ,…( Know Humans )

  75. Franklin

    10 days left for this prediction to come true….otherwise it’s just another falsity. One of hundreds/thousands over the years. It’s really sad how people claim to know the future. No one knows, period, and that’s the way it is.

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