Glenn Beck will plug The Creature on his show Friday March 25th

From: A Reality Zone email

2011 March 24

from G. Edward Griffin


The Creature from Jekyll Island


On Friday 2011 March 25, the entire Glenn Beck show will be devoted to an exposé of the Federal Reserve. I was invited to be a guest on the program and, when it was taped last Tuesday, I was amazed to find that Beck, not only has read the book but praised it highly. In fact, almost his entire opening monologue was based on the information and, in some cases, the very same phrases used in the book and in my lectures. I was delighted to know that someone, either Beck or his researchers, had spent a great deal of time studying The Creature from Jekyll Island. But what is even more encouraging is that several million viewers will be exposed to an hour of economic and monetary truth. This will bring us a giant step closer to actually slaying the Creature.

The reason I am writing to you is that this media exposure will open up many minds that previously were closed on this topic. Now is the time to reach out to friends, neighbors, and leaders with an invitation to read the book. We must strike while the iron is hot. So I am putting the book on special sale for the next week to encourage you to acquire a few extra copies either to give away or sell. Through the rest of March, the book, which retails at $24.50 alone or $19.60 with any additional purchase, will be on sale for $19.50 alone or $15.60 with additional purchase. We still have about 50 copies left of the previous 4th edition, and those will be on sale this week as long as they last for $14 in any quantity.

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4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck will plug The Creature on his show Friday March 25th

  1. Rick Shelby

    I watched GB Friday to see what Mr. Griffin had to say. I was already acquainted with this book but thought that it would be nice to hear the maestro himself touch on the highlights. Unfortunately and predictably, GB ran his mouth (it’s his show, of course) most of the time and a valuable opportunity went down the tube. Hope to see Mr. Griffin on some other show where he can say more than a few soundbites. What he is saying is extremely important and not well understood by the people who are getting ripped off. I have read a lot about the Rothschilds and how and why we have the Fed. I am remiss in not already having read this book. It should be required reading in academia.

    1. Jeff Fenske


      I hadn’t seen Glenn Beck for awhile, and I had heard some positive reports — and then I heard this would be on the Fed for a whole hour! So I was hopeful.

      The first thing I noticed that actually looked strange was his mouth, which seems to be the wrong shape at times — not matching the rest of his expressions. It is rare for me to notice such a thing, but this is what I saw in Ted Haggard, years before he was caught….

      I’m not saying that because of this Beck is a homosexual (though he sure is comfortable playing the part in what is linked below). To me, this is more of an indicator that he is lying, being deceptive, when his mouth is incongruous with the rest of his face.

      So then, like you, I’m eagerly hoping G. Edward is able to tell what is really going on with the Fed. I see Glenn ask G. Edward some questions that Edward could run with. But then instead of letting Edward respond he either keeps on talking or lets the other guy talk.

      And he didn’t let Edward say anything in the last part of the show.

      G. Edward was pretty much shut down, the gentleman he is. Alex would have said it anyway — which is one reason why they won’t invite Alex.

      And here is another reason I think the Glenn Beck deception is very real. This shows his true colors:

      [The Glenn Beck Deception] Glenn Beck Attacks and Homosexual Role Plays Alex Jones On His Radio Show

      I don’t think he is a good man. He’s an actor, and I think he even stated that at one point. I wish I had the quote.

      Beck is very slick, though inwardly I think very sick. I think he’s successfully fooling a lot of people — which is why Murdoch still has him on.

      Some good points about the ‘Fed’ were made though — but mostly not by Edward — whom we could watch thinking what he would have said had he been allowed.

      Beck was very, very smooth. Most probably didn’t realize how he had G. Edward on without really having G. Edward on.

      We must be vigilant in these last days.

      Jeff Fenske
      Anchorage, Alaska

    2. Jeff Fenske

      Reality Check

      G. Edward Griffin spoke 5.9 minutes during the 39.4 minute show, which calculates to being 15% of the 39.4 minute show (commercials and news removed).

      The program is now online. So I thought it would be interesting to see exactly how much time G. Edward spoke on the show, so I calculated how much time G. Edward Griffin spoke on the entire 1 hour show (with commercials and news).

      G. Edward Griffin spoke 5.9 minutes only during the 39.4 minute show, which amounts to 15%.

      On the video, we can see precisely how Beck looked like he was asking Griffin the tough question, but then he went on to speak himself.

      At one point, he looked at Edward during the entire time while asking who owns the Fed, and then he looked at the Cato guest for the response. It would have been interesting to hear G. Edward’s response to that one.

      On the other hand, G. Edward did get a lot of face time. We could see him thinking about how he would answer had Beck let him respond during the many times when Edward thought he would be able to.

      Very deceptive; though, some major truths were revealed.

  2. Rick Shelby

    GB and others got cash rewards for dissing the “birthers.” That action alone marks him for what he is. He’s the worm in the apple. I don’t think that the devil himself could be as smooth a talker as GB and I don’t think that the devil would complain, either.

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