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May I point out a few things?
“The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him.” September 13, 2001, President George Bush
“I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” March 13, 2002, President George Bush
June 18, 2006: FBI says, it has “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”
September 11, 2006, I wrote in a column:
“Eric Haney who has stated that Bin Laden was killed in the massive bombing of Tora Bora, Afghanistan on December 15, 2001. I sent e-mail to Haney. He responded in the affirmative that Bin Laden was killed that day. Who is Haney? You can visit his web site: CSM Eric L. Haney, USA (Ret). “For more than twenty years, Command Sergeant Major (retired) Eric L. Haney served in the United States Army’s most demanding combat units: As a Combat Infantryman, as a Ranger, and ultimately, as a founding member and eight-year veteran of the Army’s super secret counter-terrorist arm, Delta Force.” I would venture to guess that Haney has excellent contacts in the military.”
Web site:
Perhaps that’s why Bush told us in March 2002, that Bin Laden wasn’t important and not a priority.
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