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5/10/11 ‘Coast’ recap: Steve Pieczenik (the real Jack Ryan of ‘The Patriot Games’) Psy-ops in America — Obama, Osama, 9/11, false flag ops, financial crisis… | Why was the interview only 2 hours?

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This was good, but could have been much better, in part in that most ‘Coast’ main-guest interviews are 3 hours long. Here, the last hour was open lines without Steve. Hmmm… What would the callers encouraged Steve to reveal had there been a third hour.

George Noory seemed to underplay Steve in his introduction. He really didn’t adequately introduce Steve to the American people. Compare to Alex Jones’ intro and interview: Insider Dr. Steve Pieczenik (the real Jack Ryan of ‘The Patriot Games’): Bin Laden, The Oswald-Like Patsy Died 10 Years Ago! — “We’re viewed as idiots and stupid by our politicians.” | Names U.S. politicians behind 9/11

I wonder how much pressure George Noory feels from his bosses to only let so much truth come out.

George, himself is part of the psy ops. He’s on a leash; though, it’s longer than most of the others out there. And if he didn’t have shows glorifying clearly ungodly things he would have been off the air long ago, in my opinion.

Americans are being robbed from getting enough information to be able to turn this thing around.

Jeff Fenske

From: coasttocoastam

Psy-Ops in America

Date: 05-10-11
Host: George Noory
Guests: Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Deirdre Marie Capone

Author of psycho-political thrillers, Dr. Steve Pieczenik was trained in psychiatry at Harvard University and international relations at M.I.T. Appearing during the middle two hours, he discussed how Psy-ops are being used against the American People on several fronts, along with various deceptions and false flags in foreign policy matters. The biggest national security problem we have in the US is the weak financial system, and ineffective intelligence, he commented.

“I have no idea,” [why would George even write this quote when it’s not truly Steve’s perspective – editor] why Obama would do this, Pieczenik said of what he called a psychological operation (psy-op)– the story of bin Laden being killed by US forces in Pakistan. Osama bin Laden was known to suffer from Marfarn syndrome (a genetic disorder that dramatically shortens lifespan), as well as receiving kidney dialysis treatments. The storyline that bin Laden was alive in 2001 and attacked our country is a falsity, born out of the need for the US to create a boogeyman, and justify wars, he continued.

The 9-11 attack was another false flag operation, and the US administration is considered weak and ineffectual by Europe, who note inconsistencies such as Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize and then going to war in Afghanistan, he added. Pieczenik also talked about his ongoing collaboration with Tom Clancy for a series of novels.

Entire Article Here


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  1. carolyn rose goyda

    Alex’ interviews wer so much more professional and cutting edge

    Super proud of George Noory for having him on as had Jim Marrs the night before and Judy Woods last week – but he clearly was on a leash
    and he was doing some personal CYA

    • Jeff Fenske


      I was super proud too — well said! But it seems like every time George Noory does and says things that give me great hope about him really making a difference he does things like this.

      He’ll say no one censors him, telling him what to do, but his actions show otherwise.

      It will be interesting to see how he treats Mark Dice on Thursday. This could be a breakthrough show too (what I thought this one could have been).

      It would be nice for George to have Dr. Stanley Monteith on again. They just didn’t hit it off during the first time. I’m not sure why not, but Dr. Stan’s real-history views deserve to be heard by more Americans.

      The good thing is that George is still on the air, giving US a great show once in awhile. It seems like his number one goal is to stay on the air no matter what….

      I wonder if he has a line in the sand. Didn’t he say he wouldn’t take the Mark?

      If Mark Dice stirs things up too much, will George shorten the interview then too — and distance himself from Mark?

      It’s interesting to watch George play this balancing act, but it saddens me to see George compromise and scuttle what could have been a great show (this one with Steve).

      Americans need to do what is right regardless of this “ends justifying the means” thing.

      We need men and women of integrity.

      ‘Coast’ is pacifying a lot of people. It’s too mixed up to bring significant change.

      And that’s why it’s allowed to stay on the air.

      Hopefully, Thursday will be better with Mark Dice.

      Jeff Fenske

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