Patrick Di Fruscia, an absolutely pioneering and inspiring photographer is French/Canadian — thus the unique grammar.

As usual, emphasis is mine.

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The World Needs You 🙂

Patrick Di Fruscia

Everyday we are bombarded by reasons why we should not do what our heart tell us. Reasons like, it will never work, there is no money to be made in that field, it will be very difficult etc. Most of the time we are being told what we should and shouldn’t do by people who have never followed their dreams and passion and are now simply wishing they had done more to make it happen. These are merely words with no foundation brought to you by people with no passion.

You need to believe in everything your heart desire. If you don’t nobody will that’s for sure. You need to make sure that everyday you take a step however small it may be towards your goals. Always stay focus even when times are hard. When fear takes over, don’t worry about it ..this is a transition stage between your so call zone of comfort and your new life..keep pushing harder and don’t let that discourage you. Fear of the unknown is one of our greatest enemy and it has the power to make us believe a hundred fictional reasons why it will never work. Always Stay focus on the end result and visualize your new life

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