[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftEZy3Qf-ZY]Robert Wanek – The American Hate Machine

Uploaded by on May 14, 2011

Inspired by Joe Rogans ‘The American War Machine’ and posted in response to Wanek’s recent criticism in his local community after being arrested while standing on a public street filming a police officer. http://www.wday.com/event/article/id/46685/ . Robert is an educational activist who specializes in any form of activism stretching from school corruption to political parties and how they operate. Hopefully this video serves as a reminder that you may be right, but many people have no heart to base their own opinion so you will receive hate no matter what your beliefs may be. Stand strong, don’t let anyone tell you why you are doing what you do. Only you know your true motivation for action, as long as you hold your morals close and beliefs in your heart nobody can stop you from spreading the truth.