Texas may criminalize TSA pat-downs as molestation (opinion)

By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
May 14 – Texas is a fiercely independent-minded state, and it also turns out that Texans are tired of being sexually molested by government agents at the airport. That’s why Texas State Congressman Rep. David Simpson…

TEPCO to cover damaged Fukushima reactors with useless polyester tents

By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
May 14 – In a demonstration of the company’s shocking ignorance concerning the nature of radioactive particles, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has announced that it is going to place large polyester domes …

Historic Mississippi River flood prompts Army Corps to release Louisiana’s Morganza levee; 3 million more acres of land to be inundated with water

By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
May 14 – Within days, the US Army Corps of Engineers is expected to open the Morganza Spillway in Louisiana to protect major cities like Baton Rouge and New Orleans, both of which will allegedly experience massive flooding…

Florida to prohibit doctors from questioning whether patients own firearms

By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
May 14 – A new bill that recently passed the Florida state legislature will make it illegal for doctors to interrogate patients about whether or not they own firearms. If signed into law by Governor Rick Scott, House…

Government regulations set to destroy fishing industry in New England

By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
May 14 – Federal caps that limit the volume and frequency of fish catches are quickly bankrupting and destroying the fishing industry throughout New England, according to recent reports. Catch shares, which have allegedly…

Nullify Now event coming to L.A. on May 28th

By J. D. Heyes
May 14 – — An organization called the Tenth Amendment Center is planning a “Nullify Now” event in Los Angeles May 28, a spokesman for the group said. Michael Boldin, in a YouTube video announcing the event, said…

How the skin reduces indoor air pollution

By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
May 14 – The 500 million skin cells you shed naturally from your body every single day may actually be helping to purify the air in your home and workplace, says a new study published in the journal Environmental Science…

Scientists discover new method by which bacteria become resistant to antibiotics

By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
May 14 – Overuse of antibiotics both in conventional livestock feed and in human medical applications has led to increasing bacterial resistance to antibiotic drugs. However, a new study published in the online journal…

Hundreds of herbal remedies now outlawed across Europe

By M.K. Tyler
May 13 – Live in Europe? Get your herbs while they last. New rules put forth by the European Union (EU) will ban the sale of certain herbal remedies that have been used for centuries. Traditional herbs such a St…. now broadcasts Robert Scott Bell, Health Ranger via iPhone, iPad devices

By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
May 13 – The NaturalNews Radio Network (NNRN) is now broadcasting 24/7 from a new website, And here’s even better news: We’ve upgraded our streaming technology to deliver seamless audio streaming…

Learn how to live vibrantly through a better understanding of the body, illness, and disease prevention

By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
May 13 – The key to real health is not simply avoiding disease and getting by, but also equipping the body so that it can function with true vigor and vibrancy. In the new educational course, “Cultivating Vibrance: Understanding…

Fight the Leahy Bill and help protect small farmers from vicious FDA attacks

By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
May 13 – It is undeniable that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proven itself to be nothing more than a terrorist organization hellbent on both controlling the food supply, and eliminating individual freedom…

New research shows liposuction is a big fat lie

By Sherry Baker, Health Sciences Editor
May 13 – Liposuction, a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses small cannulas to literally suck fat out of the body and reshape problem areas like “spare tires” and large thighs, has become one of the most popular plastic…

Organic Consumers Association takes aim at Whole Foods over labeling of GM foods

By Kaitlyn Moore
May 13 – Whole Foods customers have a love/hate relationship with the natural and organic foods giant. They have run afoul of their customer base before – remember the mass outcry and call for boycott as a result of…

Doctors increasingly prescribe yoga and meditation to patients

By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
May 13 – A new study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine suggests that complementary and alternative medicine treatments, also known as CAM, are becoming much more mainstream than they used to be….

TEPCO now confirms nuclear meltdown in Fukushima reactor No. 1

By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
May 12 – TEPCO has now publicly admitted it wasn’t telling the truth about the severity of the damage to Fukushima reactor No. 1. We’re now being told what we’ve suspected all along — that nuclear fuel rods in that…

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