Related: [ audio ] Real-historian Douglas Dietrich on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ with host John B. Wells 11/13/11: Satanism and pedophilia in the Presidio military base; what we don’t know about WWII and so much more!

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UPDATE 11/14/11

This audio file has now rotated out of Dr. Stan’s audio archives list, so the below-listed MP3 link won’t work, but I’m sure you can order it from this link at Radio Liberty for not very much money.

I had forgotten about this interview when I listened to the ‘Coast’ interview last night, which was fascinating. And it seems like John B. Wells only scratched the surface in unleashing what Douglas knows that we don’t.

God bless!

Jeff Fenske

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“A lot of men were fragging their own platoon leaders.
And so, in Vietnam, being an officer meant you were in incredible danger.

And so the officer corp, which was primarily Christian, was wiped out in Vietnam,
and it was replaced by a lot of officers who cleaved to the new Satanic fringe,
which in the military is no longer fringe.”

– Douglas Dietrich

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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Aquino Speaks: The Presidio Sex Scandal

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