From: Henry Makow

Brazilians Forced to Embrace Homosexuality

May 16, 2011


This picture is from the government material for the junior high schools.

by Marcos

San Paolo Bureau


There is a shadow hanging over democracy and basic human rights in Brazil. Its name is Law PLC122.

If this law is approved, any kind of moral, religious, philosophical or medical opinion against the homosexual lifestyle will subject the author to prison and heavy fines. Not only in the commercial media, but also in blogs, religious programs and even private conversations. Since the days of the Nazi Party and the Maoist Cultural revolution, we havent’ seen such a blatant attack to human rights in this scale.

The radical movement is taking advantage of the momentum produced by the approval of gay civil unions by the Supreme Court last week, in an illegal usurpation of the function of the Congress. The law disrespects the Constitution, which could only be changed by the majority of Congressmen. Now the gay activists are planning a march for the bill in Brasilia, funded with money from NGOs, in order  to coincide with the Global Anti-Homophobic Day in May17th.

A heavy media campaign has been in course for several years, where only pro-gay news are shown in the newspapers. A huge campaign of desensitization has also been promoted by Globo TV, through their soap operas, watched by the majority of the population. Most soap opera authors are either openly gay or communists. They have introduced during the last years romantic gay couples, stories of gays under persecution and finally gay French kisses, in what can only be described as social engineering. This month, they had a scene where a daughter reprimands his father, saying he could be arrested by telling his boss is “fruity”, “because there is a new law coming”.

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