Some will scoff at this,
but watch into the first two minutes of the second video.

This isn’t a game like football,
where showing emotion is still a-okay

This is about the future of our planet!

How upside down our society has now become.

– Jeff Fenske

Spidey sense at 9:30[youtube=]Bob Chapman & Alex Jones: Chinese Officials at Bilderberg, “Let’s Make A Deal” 1/2

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Regular Friday guest Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster newsletter joins Alex to provide his insight on the globalists and matters economic. Alex covers other breaking news and takes your calls.


The coming segment Alex was talking about
WAR GROWL at 8:30![youtube=]Swiss Politician Lukas Reimann Talks About Attack on Mario Borghezio

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Bilderberg Security Assaults EU Members of Parliament

Kurt Nimmo
June 10, 2011

Italian politician, member of the Northern League, and member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, Mario Borghezio, was beaten and arrested by Bilderberg Security yesterday as he attempted to enter the meeting and protest its secretive globalist agenda. He was reportedly accompanied by other EU members.

Remarkably, Borghezio’s maltreatment went unreported in the United States. This would be analogous to the beating of a member of Congress going unreported by the media.

The Italian media reported last night that Borghezio attempted to enter the Bilderberg meeting now underway at the Hotel Sourvette in St. Moritz and his treatment by security resulted in a bloody nose. The Italian politician told JulieNews he plans to press charges against Bilderberg security.

“I have been assisted by the Swiss police, but the treatment suffered by the security of the meeting was brutal,” he said.

Borghezio said he opposes Bilderberg because it makes important decisions without popular control. “It is clear that the Bildergberg Club is a secret society,” had added.


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