From: Anchorage Daily News

Beavers get tough defending their turf

… These days the beavers go on the offensive, chasing pooches out of the lake even when unprovoked.

After beavers sent at least half a dozen dogs to veterinarians for stitches or worse this spring, the city Parks Department this week posted signs at the popular off-leash dog park. “WARNING AGGRESSIVE BEAVERS ARE LIVING IN UNIVERSITY LAKE!” the notices read.

The lakeside battles served as a seemingly annual reminder: Living in Anchorage means sharing the city with a menagerie of animals, including these industrious, sometimes ornery rodents.

While many people admire them, the animals are often in conflict with city life and you might be surprised how many places they pop up around town.

University Lake is the only place beavers have been reported to regularly attack dogs.

But they chewed down trees freshly planted for a road and trail improvement project on Romig Hill near Westchester Lagoon.

They’ve gnawed vegetation up and down Campbell Creek.

Their construction projects have raised the water level and contributed to basement flooding near Windsong Park east of Muldoon Road.

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