Wow! Very kind and fair interview by Anderson Cooper. What a pleasant surprise. Thanks, CNN!

This is the exact opposite of how Paul was almost always marginalized, ignored and even attacked during the 2008 election. Maybe Cooper feels badly about how he treated Paul in 2008: Former CIA Trainee, Anderson Cooper Cheats Ron Paul During CNN “Debate”

You can still see the spin though. The post debated commentators then ignored Paul in their commentary. And the debate networks continue the tradition they started before the 2008 election, in which they stopped polling the people directly, because Ron Paul would always come out at the top or near the top, as I’ve shown many times at this site.

They now always do something else, like poll a hand-picked focus group. In this case, they only posted the results from an insiders poll, whom Anderson Cooper said consist of: political operatives, strategists, campaign consultants and lobbyists. Cooper said this so fast that almost certainly most missed this key factor. And of course, Ron Paul would not be included in the top three picks of the insiders — which even included lobbyists!!! Great! That’s fair and balanced — not influencing the voters with jacked stats.

Sadly, this also happened: Johnson: Just as Ron Paul was left out of other debates in 2008

So this single interview is a pleasant surprise, but otherwise it was just more of the same from the KINGMAKERS who are just supposed to be REPORTERS.

Jeff Fenske

[youtube=]Ron Paul Post-Debate Interview

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