Could Beet Juice Be The Answer to Increasing Your Endurance? — Studies, Olympians & Fritz Springmeier's testimony

Fritz Springmeier just shared on his Facebook page:


(Unless you know this news already… ha! wise guy! Where was I when they passed out the memo on beets, it sure beats me! Remember what we used to say, when they passed out brains, he thought they said trains and he missed his. I just caught up with mine.)

Olympic athletes are drinking beet juice to legally boost their performance. It is powerful stuff. Over a week ago, in line with my decision to eat heart healthy I began networking with others and doing a little research, and discovered some of my fellow gym friends eat beets regularly for their circulation and hearts. So I tried it. The effect was nothing short of Popeye eating spinach.

From the very first day I went from doing 69 pullups to doing 156 (126% increase), from 80 pushups to 225 (181% increase), from doing an average of 10 reps with 240 pounds on the pectorial fly to an average of 11 reps (a mere 10% increase yet a notable gain with weights), on the Iso-Lat machines the Decline Press performance jumped from 216 to 222 lbs., the wide chest from 232 to 237, Shoulder Press 140 to 160, and the other exercises showed similar instant gains. Guess what is on my menu?

Now if all beets did for you was make you strong like Popeye the sailor, I would not be sharing this, BUT they do an incredible amount of fantastic things, for instance: prevent or fight cancer and heart disease, reduce inflammation, lower triglycerides somewhat, lower blood pressure (within an hour of eating them!), provide important nutrients like iron and good fiber, and over a dozen more health benefits. The Romans used beets as a natural Viagra, as it has what Viagra has in a less concentrated amount.

While I have not seen it, I hear that the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” tells the true story of the power of veggie juices in turning a man’s health around. Beet juice is so powerful, it is recommended only in small doses. And I know some of you were eating junk food as you read this. Your body wasn’t hungry for junk food, your mind was bored. Well give that junk food to your dog and open that can of beets. You dog will appreciate it!

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Could Beet Juice Be The Answer to Increasing Your Endurance?

The first groundbreaking study that examined the impact of beet juice on endurance was performed by researchers at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom in 2009. Simply put, researchers found that athletes who drank about 17 ounces of beet juice every day for six consecutive days could exercise for up to 16% longer than when they were given a placebo.

A further study by researchers at the University of Exeter confirmed its initial finding, with emphasis on consistency, allowing the body to become acclimated to regular beet juice intake. Other studies have found that beet juice consumption just hours or days prior to competition will likely have no effect on endurance.

How Might Beet Juice Increase Endurance?

Beet juice naturally contains high amounts of  and . In regards to endurance, these  are converted to nitric oxide by the body, a compound that is able to enhance blood flow and lower blood pressure by widening and relaxing blood vessels. In turn, muscles are provided with more oxygen-rich blood and are able to function better. In theory, the beneficial  in beet juice are thereby able to improve the body’s ability to exercise. Therefore, drinking beet juice is considered to be superior to eating cooked beets, as the cooking process can deteriorate some of the natural  in beets.

Empirical Evidence Supports Beet Juice

Beet juice has already become a popular dietary supplement for many endurance athletes, and was widely used by athletes during the 2012 Summer Olympics. …

The ancient Romans used beet juice as a treatment for both fevers and constipation, and also considered it to be an aphrodisiac, which has since been scientifically supported. More recent research has shown beet juice can potentially reduce blood pressure, improve blood flow, act as a detoxifying agent in the blood and liver, and be a fabulous source for a variety of different nutrients. …

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