[video] RECONCILIATION!!! Alex Jones: Conscience — Mark Dice buries the hatchet after Alex applauds Mark's brilliant work!

I’m very excited about this, having actively tried to do what I could to mend this relationship.
Very important for Alex, Mark and who knows how many…!
jeff : )
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After watching the following segment of yesterday’s Alex Jones Show transmission, Mark Dice then posted this on his Facebook page:

Mark Dice

I have buried the hatchet with Alex Jones from Infowars. That does not mean Infowars is a sacred cow or that I won’t critically analyze any stories they put out when I feel it’s needed (I am a media analyst after all), but consider the hatchet buried for the sake of coming together to fight the New World Order and save as many people as possible from falling into the Illuminati abyss.

Despite my very harsh criticism of Alex in the past, he has taken the high road and today acknowledged that I do good work and gave me a shout out on his radio show for my “Repeal the 2nd Amendment” video. Looking back, I’m sure my criticism actually helped Infowars up their game and be a bit more careful about some of the stories they put out and double check their info and analysis.

For those who don’t know, we had a little falling out a few years ago due to a misunderstanding that I then took a little too far cuz I’m a bit crazy sometimes (so is Alex for that matter) but anyway, now onto more important things and setting aside personal differences for sake of unifying The Resistance to fight the Illuminati and their planned destruction of our freedoms, economy, health, and peace of mind.

Then, two days later, Mark posted this on his Facebook page:

Big thanks to Alex Jones, Drudge Report, and everyone else who helped spread the “Repeal the Second Amendment” Petition video around to help jolt people into waking up and thinking about the Bill of Rights. JUST WAIT until you see tomorrow’s “Man on the Street Monday” video! It might be even more crazy than this one!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and be sure to select “Show in News Feed” on my Facebook page. I don’t post all videos here on FB, and because this is a fan page, not every status update shows up on everyone’s page unless I pay PER STATUS update, FYI. Here’s last week’s “Repeal the 2nd Amendment” video if you missed it.

Check my previous status update from Friday to read the details about me burying the hatchet with Alex for the sake of coming together to fight our common enemy: The Illuminati.

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Published on Apr 13, 2013



[ video ] Mark Dice on The Alex Jones Show: Zombie State of The Public — “I don’t care about anybody but me” / “Do what thou wilt” attitude | MARK THANKS ALEX for turning the other cheek: “I’ve done some pretty brutal satire and criticism of you…”

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7 thoughts on “[video] RECONCILIATION!!! Alex Jones: Conscience — Mark Dice buries the hatchet after Alex applauds Mark's brilliant work!

  1. letfreedomringrh

    Great job Mark on the videos showing the simple-minded useful-idiots willing to destroy America without even minimal critical-thought. Scary, very scary. At age 56, I’ve seen it coming for nearly 40 years.
    More importantly, I want to congratulate both you and Alex Jones for being committed enough to what I call the “Total Truth-Movement” to understand the importance of everyone working together towards a future where these criminals that have stole our country from us are brought to justice and the constitutional republic restored. 10’s of Millions of us are looking to, and have supported the leaders of this movement like you and Alex and others and we are willing to put ourselves in jeopardy right along with you guys to achieve our goals. Like Drudge said, only I’ll change it a bit, this can be year of the Alex Jones like-minded and the future can be ours. Leaders like you and Alex have brought this movement a long way since 9-11 and we are winning the info-war and I’ve never had this much hope for the future, Thanks again for all that you’ve done.
    My story of discovery of the evil of the NWO tells why people like myself need people like you and Alex to lead this movement. Personally, I fear for my children’s future – that’s what motivates me along with my principles, that are inline with the founding fathers that I refuse to compromise.
    It was the Kennedy assassination and the mountain of evidence of government complicity that woke me up in the 70’s. It’s obvious that rogue-elements inside our government executed a coup d `etat in `63. It was a movie from the early `70’s that caused me to start my own investigation into the assassinations of the `60’s – the movie was called “Executive Action” kind of an all-star cast with the plot depicting how a conspiracy to kill Kennedy could have happened. I was like 13 or 14 when I saw that movie.
    A short time after that, I read a couple of books regarding the Warren Commission and the obvious problems with their conclusions. I was maybe age 15 or 16 at that time. My thoughts at the time was “I’m only 15 and I can see the conspiracy and the problems with the WC’s conclusions and their single-bullet theory, so there has to be powerful people who know it as well, but are doing nothing about it. This is when I first knew something was very wrong. I also concluded that because the real conspirator’s got away with the assassination, therefore it was likely that they were now in control of the government. I made a pledge to myself and to the dead Kennedy brothers that I would never let their murders out of my mind and I would find out what happened, if only for myself.
    In the last five years I’ve found a couple of books that have pretty-much proved who, what and why to the JFK murder. One of the books is called JFK: the unspeakable; why he was murdered and why it matters” which does a good job explaining who had the motive, means and opportunity, but more importantly who wanted a Kennedy assassination and was powerful enough back then to be able to get away with a coup d etat. That really narrows down the group of “who” and the book is quite convincing as to who the who are.
    I’ve always known whoever murder JFK, also did RFK. We figured-out the MLK murder through the 1990’s King family civil-suit trial where Kings real murders were identified and the CIA and police involvement were proved and the jury agreed, but nobody was ever brought to justice.
    In the early `80’s I read the book that Alex Jones says woke him up – “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”. I was tramping around American in the early `80’s and landed at a hippie-type crash-pad in Boulder Colorado where a one-armed Viet Nam veteran turned me onto the book. The book blew me away, but it also confirmed much of what I had been told by another Viet Nam veteran while I was stationed at Fort Dix in 76/77. This veteran had told me, among other things, about government drug trafficking, the international bankers and their plan for a one world government and that the government of the U.S. had been basically overthrown through the JFK assassination. Now I had multiple sources for the same information. I knew we were onto something.
    After the discoveries of my young life through the early `80’s, unfortunately, I put myself in a chemical-induced coma for the next 20 years, although during those years I tried to inform anyone who would listen to what I had discovered and was ridiculed by friends and family alike; except for my wife and sons – they believed me and it was my oldest son who introduced me to Alex Jones and his websites in 2006 while my son was telling me the government was involved with the terror attacks of 9-11. I told him, look the government is bad no doubt, but I don’t think they did 9-11. Then my son gave me a book call “Coup Against America: the attack on the Pentagon”. My God, I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been on a 7 year journey now, doing research to help find the answers and get the information out to the public. I work with AE911Truth. I’m currently attending college and I volunteer on the AE911Truth College Outreach Team helping to start 9-11Truth on-campus student groups to help educate the very comatose American youth – God bless them.
    For nearly 40 years I got nowhere with what I knew. I couldn’t tolerate knowing what I knew and not being able to do something about it, so I put myself in that chemical-induced coma for 20 years with very little hope for the future. When I discovered the truth behind 9-11 and the likes of you and Alex and AE911Truth and the Total Truth Movement, it sobered me up and I’ve been in recovery for nearly 6 years. I knew I had found what is truly a treasure of like-minded people. People like you and Alex Jones have restored my hope. I know we can win, because for 6,000 or more years of civilization “good” has been beating back evil and we are on the side of good and we will stop this evil bastards and their plan to enslave us in a fascist corporate state.
    I have been working hard for the last 7 years, and I will continue to do all that I can to support and assist the leaders of this movement to help restore the country that my father picked-up a gun and defended our freedom against fascism in WWII. My father told me that the motto or the pledge of the Nuremberg Court, where he was an MP guard, was “Never Again”. I intend to see that pledge restored and upheld, or die trying. Thanks for all that you do Mark. Were all in this together and we must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately – my favorite Franklin quote and how true it is..

    1. From Anton Chaitkin, History Editor of LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review — Last November, at a studio in Northern Virginia, I presented new historical findings on the strategic policies of Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, and the British coup d’etat against them, including JFK’s murder. Among the topics covered are the British fraud called the Cold War (predecessor to the present War on Terror), America’s alliance with nationalism abroad, and our former commitment to the progress of mankind. Follow this link to see a video of that presentation:

  2. letfreedomringrh

    Thanks Mr. Chaitkin for the video link. The video of your discussion was very informative validating some of what I already knew and filling in some holes that has given me a better picture of what has been and what is happening to America. There is no doubt and I’ve known for sometime that America has been under attack by what I’ve been calling the British self-anointed elite and their sycophant cling-on’s. The video help to better define these British devils for me and because of your work in this video now I have a even a clearer picture of what has been happening and what we’re up against.
    I’ve been following Lyndon LaRouche since the 1980’s especially in the last few years. I have learned much from his work. He’s way ahead of most. After watching the video I read the linked-article “It was no conspiracy” which complimented some of what was discussed in the Roosevelt/Kennedy video. Thanks for your hard work and thanks especially for taking the time to share the video-link.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Very sad.
      It wouldn’t surprise me if Alex compromised to get in with Charlie Sheen too.
      This doesn’t mean he’s controlled opposition, though. My guess is that Alex has been self-censoring in order for his show to stay on the many radio stations he’s on, including now in Anchorage.
      If he is infighting, and is on a power/ego trip, that’s horrible. It’s clear he’s hurt people and doesn’t apologize and get right with them. There is no way he’s a going-to-heaven Christian because of that, but that doesn’t mean he’s not born-again, which he probably is.
      Most ‘Christians,’ today, are willfully sinning and not going to heaven based upon what the Bible really says: http://onecanhappen.com/2008/01/14/who-goes-to-heaven-scriptures
      My greatest disappointment, currently, is that he isn’t telling the truth about Israel’s role. He should have had Ted Pike on more to expose how the rabbis base their beliefs on the Talmud and the Kabbalah, which are pure, Satanic racist superiority evil.
      If Alex would have told the truth about Israel many of us would have learned the truth much earlier, and perhaps the country could have been saved while we still had the chance.
      Also, I am so far not convinced that micro-nukes were involved in 9/11. Nano-thermite explodes too, which the Richard Gage discreditors fail to seem to see. There is solid evidence for nano-thermite.
      I also have some doubts about Stew Webb.

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