False Claim: The Boston Marathon 'Family Guy' episode was doctored to look like Peter was triggering bombs

CORRECTION to this earlier post: Recent ‘Family Guy’ Episode Predicted Boston Marathon Attack — The image of Peter killing the Boston Marathon runners even shows blood and missing limbs
Joel Skousen just wrote in today’s World Affairs Brief [I love Joel’s dedication to finding and telling the truth no matter where it leads!]:

False Claims: There was a posting to the internet of a false conspiracy claiming that a previous episode of The Family Guy had shown a guy sitting at a table triggering bombs to go off at the Boston Marathon by using his cell phone. In reality it was someone cutting and pasting excerpts from the TV show to make it look like foreknowledge of the current disaster.

Infowars said the episode was pulled online. So they weren’t able to fact-check it. A Facebook friend just gave me this link to where at least it can now be seen. I don’t know if this site is affiliated with FOX or not: familyguy.ws/turban-cowboy
The phone call at minute-15 was spliced with Boston Marathon footage. It probably would be pretty easy to seamlessly and convincingly edit low def cartoons.
I apologize for the confusion. I’m completely leery of Rupert Murdoch and FOX. I’ve so many times seen them spin the good (like Ron Paul) to make it look like it’s evil, and then actually push the evil. I wrote the following article at ONEcanhappen about FOX’s owner, Rupert Murdoch and FOX: Is Murdoch’s NIV the ‘N’ew ‘I’lluminati ‘V’ersion? Has the Word of God Been Corrupted to Bring US Into the New World Order?, and have an entire category here at ToBeFree, called FOX News is SPIN Central (Latest posts appear first; 10 posts per page).
These are still legit:
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