Hops compounds have potential to treat diabetes and cancer — Why the fondness for IPA beer?

IPA beer, which has a very high hop content, seems to be a solution here.

My favorite in Anchorage is from King Street Brewery, and is only available in growlers or kegs. They use 6 varieties of hops in their IPA.

You will experience a hop symphony when drinking King Street’s IPA. A pronounced but pleasant tangerine and passion fruit aroma opens the door for a complex mix of orange, grapefruit, floral and spicy flavors that come in waves.

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From: beer.about.com/od/ale/p/IPAProfile.htm

In the early 1700s Britain had a problem. Troops and British citizens living in India as part of the colonial rule did not have access to good British ale and any attempts to ship the malt British ales to them resulted in spoilage. India Pale Ale, or IPA, was the solution. The generous amount of hops in this brew protected it from the heat and motion of the British sailing ships of the day. Read the full story of this fascinating chapter in brewing history here.

From: Natural News

Hops compounds have potential to treat diabetes, cancer: research

(NaturalNews) Okay beer drinkers, drink to your health! Only kidding. Research over the last few decades has determined a compound from hops used to brew beer, humulone, has a wide array of potential health benefits, from curing viral infections and reversing diabetes to curing certain cancers.

But before you start chugging, one of the researchers, Jun Tashimoto, warned that you would have to consume 30 12-ounce cans of beer a day before achieving major health benefits.

Nevertheless, the Czech Republic encourages menopausal women to drink beer moderately for its phytoestrogen content.

It’s not the beer, it’s the hops

The hops are used in brewing beer to give it a bitter taste, and that bitter taste comes from humulone, or humulon or a-Luulic acid. But apparently it’s the hops after brewing, not just the plant itself, that bring the minor health benefits of beer.

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