Bill O’Reilly Smears Alex Jones In “Hate Speech” Rant — Jones portrayed as angry red demon

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Bill O’Reilly Smears Alex Jones In “Hate Speech” Rant

Jones portrayed as angry red demon in crude demonization stunt

During a ‘Talking Points Memo’ segment in which he praised Facebook for cracking down on sexist rhetoric, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly flashed up an image of Alex Jones engaged in an angry rant next to the words, “HATE SPEECH”.

While O’Reilly asked, “can anything be done to stop the hate speech,” a close up of Jones’ face flashed a furious shade of red.

“O’Reilly declared there is “plenty of hatred being spewed” on the internet and on talk radio, and credited Facebook for its new policy of taking down posts promoting sexist hate speech,” reports Mediaite. “O’Reilly said it’s disturbing how “commonplace” and “acceptable” hate speech is, mostly attributing the level of public hate speech to the internet.”

The attempt at smearing Jones was so crude that it wouldn’t have looked out of place in a 1930′s Nazi propaganda cartoon portraying Jews as demons.

While Jones is well known for his impassioned rants, he has never once uttered anything that could be deemed “sexist,” and in fact routinely calls on men and women to unite against their common enemy – tyranny in government.

O’Reilly’s segment made no mention whatsoever of Jones and provided no example of him engaging in “hate speech”. Jones’ image was merely used as a cheap trick to connect him with hate speech, implying that he should be silenced.

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