[VIDEO] Students say they support abortion for casual sex

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[Caleb] Bonham told Campus Reform in a statement on Monday afternoon that he filmed the video to see if students would “object to the notion that men should support abortion because it allows for care-free casual sex.”

“Essentially, my video reveals a rarely discussed but prevalent self-centered mindset among the college aged pro-choice crowd,” said Bonham. “One that views abortion as a means to ensure materialistic responsibility-free sex.”

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXuVC_5ns8A]#BroChoice – Support Abortion for Casual Sex

Caleb Bonham

Published on Jul 15, 2013

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Do pro-choice leftists really support abortion “on-demand” because their sex life is at stake? Well, the #BroChoice movement does.

Author Ben Sherman writes “Can you think of anything that kills the vibe faster than a woman fearing a back-alley abortion? Making abortion essentially inaccessible in Texas will add an anxiety to sex that will drastically undercut its joys. And don’t be surprised if casual sex outside of relationships becomes far more difficult to come by.”

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7 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Students say they support abortion for casual sex

  1. John Robinson

    Here is a link to a video showing what it was like in Austin last week. Toward the end of the video you can hear them chanting -“Whose choice, My choice!” There was a very eerie, demonic feeling there.

    1. Thanks for sharing, John.

      It’s hard to hear exactly what was going on, partially because the mic sounds overdriven. But it made me start to cry, knowing how evil our nation is becoming.


      1. John Robinson

        The crowd at the Austin capitol was chanting “Whose choice? – my choice, whose choice? – My choice”. But it was so deafening and out of control that it was not discernible. The only reason I knew what they were saying is because I had heard some individuals saying that earlier.
        In Ezek. 16, Sodom and Gomorrah’s 4 major sins are described as pride, fullness of bread, idleness and failure to help the needy. These four things are what led to their reprobate minds which resulted in homosexuality. When sexuality loses it’s sanctity then life loses it’s sanctity as well. It has taken us two or three generations of apathy to get to this point of degradation. Yes I agree that we have crossed the point of no return as a nation, but there will be a remnant saved out of the time of Jacob’s trouble.
        Yes please send me the links about the willful sin of the “church”. John

        1. Thanks for explaining this, John. And I’m sorry for taking so long to reply. I had a frustrating week.

          I think this vision describes who is responsible for the fall of America:

          The Red Gate Prophecy — What If I Open It Just a Little Bit? The believers, not the non-believers, have opened the gate to sin, which is why this country has deteriorated

          Almost every ‘Christian’ seems to be giving themselves to some kind of sin, which opens the door to demons:

          Can a Christian Have a Demon? Absolutely! Most Have Many!

          And most ‘Christians’ in America aren’t abiding in Christ enough to be led by and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be able to even want to identify and overcome the evil schemes of the Devil that are taking down America.

          And even worse than losing America is most ‘Christians’ losing their salvation because of the once-saved-always-saved doctrine that is taught now across the land

          Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? — “There is therefore now *no condemnation* to those who are IN CHRIST Jesus, who don’t WALK according to the flesh, but ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT.”

          Human nature seems to be such, and the temptations today so extreme (because the ‘church’ has allowed sin to get this prevalent) that few will overcome spiritually unless they think they have to in order to go to heaven.

          So many ‘Christians’ are blaming the homosexuals and pro-abortionists, but they’ve been called to get the plank out of their own eye so they can then remove the speck in their neighbor’s eye.

          So many pastors even, for example, aren’t getting right with those they’ve hurt so they can be qualified to lead, if they have even been called to. And many still teach old covenant tithing so the money comes in regardless. And then they also haven’t been teaching people how to be led by the Holy Spirit in who to give money to, as he has determined in his heart.”

          Jesus’ goal was for us to be ONE with each other in Him “that the world will know.” He promised to give us His glory then the world will know (John 17). Most pastors don’t even teach Jesus’ main heart-desire for us, that we would become ONE.

          Most ‘churches’ don’t even have a “reputation for being alive” the the church in Sardis had, yet even they only had a few who were overcomers, dressed in white, whose names wouldn’t be removed from the Book of Life (Rev. 3).

          We’re not really teaching what the Bible said, which is what Steve Hill’s vision is largely about. The people are being snowed with false doctrine:

          Spiritual Avalanche – Steve Hill: The 7 Great Lies in the Church Today — Overemphasis of Prosperity • Exaggerated View of Grace (grace-changers nullify all divine warnings) • Antinomianism = against rules, so “anything goes” (but “Jesus didn’t set us free to sin; He set us free from sin”) • Gazing Upon Man, not God • Challenging the Authority of the Word (God didn’t really mean what He said) • Rejecting Hell • Universal Reconciliation

          Revival should have happened long ago, which is just normal Christianity that has happened many times, previously:

          The Welsh Revival of 1904-05 by J. Edwin Orr: A Countrywide Asbury-like REVIVAL! The 4 Points: #1 Confess any known sin, and put any wrong done to man right again. #2 Put away any doubtful habit. #3 Obey the Spirit promptly. #4 Confess your faith publicly.

          Effects of the WELSH REVIVAL 1904-05: Whole communities were radically changed FROM DEPRAVITY TO GLORIOUS GOODNESS. The CRIME RATE dropped, often to nothing. THE POLICE had little more to do than supervise the coming and going of the people to the chapel prayer meetings. THE UNDERGROUND MINES echoed with the sounds of PRAYER and HYMNS, instead of nasty jokes and gossip. People who had fallen out BECAME FRIENDS AGAIN!!!!!!!

          My 1990 Key-to-Revival Prophecy: “There is might and there is power and there is glory, but it is being withheld until these relationships are made right, until we love our brother enough to…”

          I believe that now it’s too late to stop the fall of America, but we can still slow it down. And this could be the most in-Christ period of our lives in which the joy of the Lord will be our strength:

          ‘Let Us Be ONE’ Prophecy Continues 10/8/08: “It’s TOO LATE to REVERSE what’s been done for MY MEN have been REJECTED … Now is the Time to OVERCOME and GET RIGHT With ALL … FREEeeeeeeeeeeeee———DOM at last … Your HEART will SWELL with LOVE and it will be EASY to REMAIN In Me when others are On The BOAT With You”

          Many of these articles have links to other articles too. I also have a category pull-down menu that shows 10 posts per page, latest appear first, if you’re interested.

          I should also add that James-3 curses are a significant factor. When people pray that people would do or think a certain way, if these aren’t Godly prayers, they can be demonically enforced. And this is one of the key reasons that most ‘Christians’ won’t even make sure they were taught the truth about who goes to heaven. This following post reminded me of that; though, I wanted to end with this because Jesus predicted the deception would be this great. And the number one source of the deception is faulty church doctrine.

          Baruch: “Not only is DECEPTION of the church possible, it was PROPHESIED TO HAPPEN!” — Jesus said “IN THE LAST DAYS THE MAJORITY WILL BE DECEIVED, take heed that it doesn’t happen to you” — “FALSE TEACHERS are actually SPEAKING SPELLS with the words of their FALSE DOCTRINES!”


    1. That was very good, John! May our thoughts be Your thoughts, and our ways be Your ways.

      It’s sad that more ‘Christians’ didn’t give Ron Paul “a cup of cool water” when he ran for President in 2008 and 2012.

      I believe it’s now too late to turn this thing around, based on a prophesy I got in 2008. The only thing we can hope for now is to slow it down and get a spiritual Great Awakening happening.

      Being more concerned about our righteousness than our rights is great, especially if you’re referring to pro-choice ‘rights.’

      I believe that most ‘Christians’ should be concerned about the dark storm clouds on the horizon, because most are not right with all people and God to not be in trouble spiritually. I talk about this on my spiritual site: http://ONEcanhappen.wordpress.com , and how I believe the willful sin in the ‘church’ is the reason for the fall of America, not the homosexuals and pro-choice people.

      I can give you direct links to the specific posts if you’re interested.


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