(video) Dr. Edward Group: Iodine Essential Info — Most Americans Deficient!

This is the most comprehensive interview on iodine that I’ve seen. Almost every American is deficient, which affects MANY human body processes, not just energy due to thyroid health.

I take Lugol’s iodine daily, which is really inexpensive and works great, which I get from my naturopath doctor. Here, they’re trying to sell their version, and Alex’s show is a good cause to support, but the main thing is to take enough, and the doctor here says why.

I didn’t realize that iodine deficiency is also part of what’s causing the feminization of males, because the thyroid regulates hormones, and other minerals can take the place of iodine in the thyroid when deficient.

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC8YslJ6PNQ]Nuclear Iodine: Doctor Reveals Fukushima Intel


Published on Sep 26, 2013

in a special overdrive segment, Alex takes an in-depth look at the way our bodies react to radioactive fallout from the Fukushima meltdown with Dr. Edward Group, an expert in heavy metal detox and other detox protocols and creator of GlobalHealingCenter.com.
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Intended for human and animal use as a daily, dietary supplement, the nascent iodine in Survival Shield® is an important part of sound metabolic, cardiovascular, liver, bone and CNS health. Iodine is the mineral basis of the HPT (Hypothalamus–Pituitary–Thyroid) Axis, and many believe that the HPT Axis is the underlying basis of the HPA (Hypothalamus–Pituitary–Adrenal) Axis. Proper thyroid and endocrine function are absolutely necessary for the body to perform at the peak of health.

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