Killing Palestinians' OLIVE TREES Woke Joyce Riley Up To How EVIL…! — "The prized olive trees of the world. Israel killed their olive trees. So they have no way to make any money"

“One of the things that really, really made me aware of what’s going on is that there were olive trees in Palestine, the prized olive trees of the world. Israel killed their olive trees. So they have no way to make any money.”

– Joyce Riley

The Power Hour, 8/4/14 hour 1, GCN Live

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske


(video) Israeli settlers uproot Palestinians’ OLIVE TREES in occupied West Bank — 8,000 trees, some  HUNDREDS OF YEARS OLD!

(video) “Life In Occupied Palestine,” Anna Baltzer: A wonderfully moving introduction to the plight of the Palestinians, in simple, everyday terms — Checkpoints, settlements, Israeli activism, 1948 War refugees, censorship, the Wall, ongoing annexation of Palestinian land — “It is five times more likely for an ISRAELI SOLDIER to commit SUICIDE than to be killed in a terrorist attack. So when people talk about this occupation as helping the Jewish people, they don’t realize how many Israelis are actually against it, and how IMPORTANT it is FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE AS WELL AS the PALESTINIAN people to end this”

(video) The Dirty Truth About Israel — Real history that even ‘Christian’ media hides

 (video – real history) Miko Peled: The General’s Son & Return of the General’s Son — Israel’s war crimes & dehumanization must stop. There is a better solution.

(video) Miko Peled: Israeli General’s Son – Geneva 5/14/14 — “Israeli historians have been validating what Palestinians have said all along. It was not the Palestinians that began an assault. The Zionist militia began a massive campaign against an unarmed civilian population that lasted for twelve months with the CLEAR INTENTION of completing the ETHNIC CLEANSING of Palestine.”

(video) Israeli School Books’ Racist Representation of Palestinians: Israeli General’s Daughter, Nurit Peled-Elhanan — Priming Israeli children for military service

(video) Ron Paul: HAMAS ESTABLISHED BY ISRAEL To Counter Yasser Arafat — “”So through Israel we helped establish Hamas. Then we have elections. Then Hamas becomes dominant. So we have to kill them”

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