From: The New American

Wednesday, 20 August 2014 11:30

ISIS Beheads American Journalist, Threatens Strike on America

The Islamist terrorist group ISIS (The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) posted a gruesome video August 19 that appeared to confirm the beheading of American journalist James Foley, who went missing in 2012 while covering the conflict in Syria. It was not immediately clear where the execution took place. […]

As reported recently by The New American, although the United States is conducting airstrikes in an apparent effort to neutralize the ability of Islamic terrorists to murder and oppress Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria, it is U.S. intrusion in the area in the first place that empowered the terrorist structure. “From sending weapons and providing training to the same jihadists in Syria who later crossed into Iraq, to tacitly endorsing the bankrolling of Islamic terror groups by supposed American allies,” wrote The New American’s Alex Newman, “U.S. foreign policy has been critical in the emergence of the monstrously barbaric self-styled Islamic State ‘caliphate’ formerly known as ISIS.”

Newman noted that U.S. officials admitted “that many of the weapons being used by the Islamic State terrorists to butcher Christians, Shias, and other Iraqis were actually paid for by U.S. taxpayers before being seized by the rampaging barbarians. Before that, other American weapons now in the hands of those terrorists were acquired in Syria, where the Obama administration and its allies were fomenting and supporting ‘jihad’ in a half-baked plan to overthrow the anti-ISIS Assad dictatorship.”

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