(video) What the Torture Report Isn’t Telling You — Rampant RAPE, Over 100 MURDERED!

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ai8lHVqKjDg]What the Torture Report Isn’t Telling You | Weapons of Mass Distraction

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Published on Dec 11, 2014

Why is the corporate media turning torture into a debate? Abby Martin discusses the media’s reaction to the Senate torture report and why torture has suddenly turned into a partisan debate.

Horrific Torture Report Shows Why Much Of The World Considers America To Be The Nazis Of The 21st Century
Paul Craig Roberts: Torture and the American Conscience — Most white ‘Christian’ evangelicals and white Catholics condone torture
2005-6 Gallup Poll: Protestants and Frequent Churchgoers Most Supportive of Iraq War — Least supportive are non-Christians and people with no religion
Reverse-Christian George W. Bush: ‘D##n right’ I personally ordered waterboarding
Bush Signed Executive Order Authorizing Torture—FBI Email
Judge Napolitano: Bush should have been indicted for “torturing, for spying, for arresting without warrant”

Bush and Cheney Blast CIA Torture Report — “Just a crock” – Cheney // CIA officers “are patriots, and whatever the report says, if it diminishes their contributions to our country, it is way off base” – Bush

Reverse Christianity: Chuck Colson Supports Torture!
Palin: ‘In MY WORLD,’ ‘it is OBVIOUS to me who the GOOD GUYS…and who the BAD GUYS are’
The Red Gate Prophecy — What If I Open It Just a Little Bit? The believers, not the non-believers, have opened the gate to sin, which is why this country has deteriorated

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