Jack Valenti: Point Man who Debased American Morality Through Talmud-driven Hollywood

The following article starts with this statement; though, I focus on its subtopic in this post:

This post is meant to prove the fact that elements sympathetic to Israel, especially in regards to her development of nuclear weapons — a weapon deemed of utmost urgency to the survival of the State of Israel — was responsible for the death of John F. Kennedy.

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From: The Christian Solution

The JFK Assassination Revealed

The Hollywood Connection

When the Warner Brothers and other Jewish media-Scribes first left the refined Christian morality of the Eastern seaboard to land at what was still the wild, wild, West of Los Angeles (Not much has changed has it?), they finally gained their “artistic freedom”. All throughout the Roaring 20’s, Hollywood was producing some pretty risque movies. The Great Depression however ushered in a renewed Christian morality and in 1930, the Christian Production Code was imposed upon the decidedly non-Christian Hollywood. The Production Code of 1930 allowed all movies to be viewed by the entire family. Adult themes could be implied, only so long as children did not understand the meaning. The use of a “double meaning” in everything permeated Hollywood movies, but we were comfortable in letting our children safely watch.

For 38-years, Sadducee Hollywood chafed under this Christian standard. Finally, in 1968, Jack Valenti, President of the Motion Picture Association of America, was able to bring pornography into our local theaters again by replacing the 1930 Production Code with the MPAA film rating system. The MPAA system initially comprised four distinct ratings: G (General), M (Mature), R (Restricted), and X (Pornographic). PG-13 came later and for “artistic” pornography we got the NC-18. In creating this new “leave the children behind” movie ratings system, Valenti unleashed the first volley of the cultural war and contributed greatly to America’s demise.

With the recent introduction of the V-chip, television has now made this same transition. What used to be perfectly safe for your child to watch, has now become a wasteland of nothing to watch.

But, where did Valenti come from?

Chief media-Scribe and Sadducee Lew Wasserman, head of Universal Studios, invited Jack Valenti to resign from the LBJ administration as the first “special assistant” to Johnson’s White House. Humm!! Jewish Hollywood moguls finds a Herodian from the LBJ administration to head its political action committee to lobby the LBJ administration for a legal relaxation of movie decency standards. Very self-serving no doubt.

How did Jack Valenti come to be in the LBJ administration?

Jack Valenti was in charge of the press during the November 1963 visit of President John F. Kennedy and Vice-President Lyndon Johnson to Dallas, Texas. Following the assassination of President Kennedy, Valenti was present in the famous photograph of Lyndon Johnson’s swearing in aboard Air Force One, and rode with the new president to Washington. He then became the first “special assistant” to Johnson’s White House. He lived in the White House for the first two months of Johnson’s presidency. Valenti was so loyal to Johnson that it was once said of him “If LBJ dropped the H-bomb, Valenti would call it an urban renewal project.”

–Jack Valenti, Wikipedia

So let’s see if we got this right.

Jack Valenti was in a situation to control all the news coverage of the Kennedy Assassination. On the way back to Washington, Jack Valenti was offered a job with the LBJ Administration, the man made President by the assassination he had just covered. And he had unprecedented access and loyalty to the LBJ administration after that. And he became the lead point man for all of Jewish Hollywood, becoming the pointman for helping to debase American morality.

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